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Have you bought a painting DVD?

I've received some comments recently from people who prefer their practical art instruction either via DVD or supplemented by DVD.  The Making A Mark Poll for May is therefore about painting DVDs.

Have you ever bought a Painting DVD?  I've bought a few but am often deterred by the full price - and tend to prefer buying via Amazon.  I've bought more videos in my time and am wondering which of these I would be prepared to upgrade to a DVD.

The problem as ever with some of them seems to be the DVD region codes and the flexibility with which videos and DVDs travel across continents - which means many great UK art DVDs don't get listed in the UK and vice versa we don't tend to see DVDs produced outside Europe.

I wonder when the people who publish art instruction DVDs are going to realise that they'd sell a lot more if they made the region code 'all' or don't set a region flag at all.  DVD is not like video - we can actually all play it on computers etc which are also made worldwide!

There's also a lot of great art videos which have not yet made the journey to DVD.  You'd think that this has got to be cheaper than producing new ones!

The question this month is  Have you bought a painting DVD?  The possible responses are:
  • Yes - in the last 12 months
  • Yes - but NOT in the last 12 months
  • No - too expensive
  • No - can't find any I want to buy
  • No - region code issues
  • No - prefer artists' free instruction videos
You can find the poll in the right hand column below the Blogger Followers widget (lots of faces!)

The poll closes early on 31st May and the results will be posted later the same day.
    Some of my favourite art DVDs

    For the record - here are a few of my favourite videos and DVDs
      I've also heard a number of people comment very favourably on Watercolour Flower Portraits with Billy Showell - on double DVD

      I also love anything by Charles Reid - but I've only got videos and wouldn't rush out to replace them now I'm more oriented towards dry media.

      One of my very favourite painting videos which would certainly go out and buy again on DVD is A Brush With Sewell in which three artists Johnny Jonas, John Ward RA and Michael Reynolds created three portraits of Brian Sewell - while talking about creating portraits.   It's one of the best ever videos I've seen. Two of those artists have since died so it's only ever going to reappear on DVD if somebody's got the master tape!  I can't even give you a link to it as it's totally disappeared off the Internet.  Please can somebody reissue this!

      As well as responding to the poll, please also tell me what's your favourite art/painting DVD and/or video


      Felicity Grace said...

      Well, since I'm a recent convert to DVD's over books and a big fan of Billy Showell's I'll pipe up! ;) I bought Billy's Fruit & Vegetable Portraits last year but I didn't look at it at the time as I was a bit despondent about my wc skills. I picked it up recently and really gave it a go. I can't speak highly enough about her - and I notice too that in your interview with Mary Ann Scott, she also said Billy Showell's methods helped her 'turn the corner'. So I then bought her first DVD, Flower Portraits, which is just as good. I have Charles Reid's DVD, Painting Flowers. I just love his work even though his style is very different to mine. I noticed a criticism on Amazon from a lady saying his whistling is very irritating but I smile every time - it seems to be a sign he's ignoring the camara and totally in the zone!

      As for art instruction DVD's in general, the good ones seem few and far between. Maybe there is some commercial reason for this but it seems there is a huge market there to be exploited. I'd buy a lot more, having seen how Billy's helped me, but there is so little choice unless you want to do boats or landscapes in a few easy strokes with a huge brush! ;)

      I haven't come across the ones you've featured so I'm going to check those out!

      Sonia said...
      I have purchased 3 DVDs from the above company in America. I am very pleased with both quality and content. I did research the artists, watched the short clips available on-line and felt the cost was warranted - I feel as if I have had a mini-workshop with each artist (and can go back whenever I wish). (Artists Nicholas Simmons, Carla O'Connor and Anne Bagby.) The best British video I have acquired is one by Shirley Trevena

      Nel Jansen said...

      As a new reader, I am uncertain as to how to take your polls. Is there a link somewhere? Or just leave poll results in the comments section? Thanks!

      Making A Mark said...

      Nel - as it says just after the options in the text of the post - "You can find the poll in the right hand column below the Blogger Followers widget (lots of faces!)"

      Sarah said...

      There is no option for "No, never even thought about it."
      I do wish that the TV programme makers would get off their obsession with cooking and spread creativity a bit further and do some programms about artists and how they work, I would watch that...but I dont want to watch anyone telling me how to paint a tree or a fence etc. Maybe I should explore what is on DVD's, it looks as if I may be plesently suprised, I certainly love Ken Howards work.

      le critique said...

      No, never bought a how to paint DVD, but it does cause you to be curious at what's out there...

      Great blog! Loved reading!

      Best, Bruce Mackh

      le critique said...
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      Katherine Kean said...

      I don't usually buy them - they're expensive! I do rent them occasionally, usually from I couldn't agree more about the codes.

      Tracey Mardon said...

      I really enjoy DVD's but also find it's helpful to watch the preview trailers to make sure your styles match, both personality and painting wise. I recently purchased an online video from Scott Burdick/Susan Lyon on drawing which I think is a wonderful idea. Much more affordable that the prices of some DVDs but very high quality. I love David Curtis' Dvd's. Oh there are so many good ones! On the other hand, I bought a DVD done by a wonderful painter who did a fantanstic workshop but his quiet manner made the DVD far less effective than the live workshop. So doing a bit of research just as you would before signing up for a workshop is important.

      Robyn Sinclair said...

      As you already know, Katherine, I'm a big fan of the teaching DVDs of Australian mixed media (mostly watercolour) artist, John Lovett

      I'm slow to respond to this post because I went back and looked at some of my art DVDs and am even more convinced of the value of this form of reference. Today I'm so fired with enthusiasm by looking at a DVD I bought in 2008. Even if I'd spent the thousands of dollars necessary to attend one of John's classes here in Tuscany, I doubt I'd have got as much out of it as being able to watch the DVD over and over. 27" screen helps ;)

      Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

      HI, I have A DVD for SALE on my collage process, available on my blog. I have sold TONS of them and I find that people really like them as well as my workshops. I think the DVD is a nice way to watch over again and be sure you did not miss anything, plus can be more cost effective especially if you have to travel to take a workshop.

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