Friday, May 28, 2010

Modern Masters - Art Walks in UK Cities

The current BBC series "Modern Masters" about four artists who changed the world has generated a unique resource.  The website includes a set of art walks in different UK cities.
Choose a city:

If you click the link what you then access is:
  • a summary of what you will see on the art walk
  • a map
  • images of what you will see
  • a pdf guide
  • an MP3 audio guide 
  • the art walk on your phone
  • links to helpful details: transport and weather
Here's the page for London's South Bank

I think it's a totally brilliant idea - and one which should be adopted by many more cities and media websites.

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Caroline Roberts said...

These walks look great, and the Modern Masters website had a lot of information on it even though I can't watch the videos. Thank you for sharing.