Monday, May 03, 2010

Art Exhibitions in London - Summer 2010

Here's a list of upcoming art exhibitions in London over the summer months. The one I'm really looking forward to is The Wyeth Family at Dulwich Picture Gallery - it's a once in a lifetime event!

UK - Major Museums
“Dulwich Picture Gallery continues its consistently surprising exhibition programme in 2010 with a show that I think no other institution in this country would have dared do, least of all Tate Britain; an exhibition about the Wyeth family of artists, whose best known member, Andrew, divides Americans equally”
The Telegraph 29th December 2009
UK - National Art Societies and National Art Competitions

Mall Galleries:
Bankside Gallery


Artists And Illustrators said...

Hi Katherine

Thanks for dropping by our blog. You are doing a fantastic job here, really enjoyed reading your posts. Disappointed to see we aren't on the list of recommended journals though... ;)

Do drop by and see us soon!

Best wishes, Steve

Sarah Wimperis said...

OH MY GOODNESS, I am sooo excited, just as I was thinking how can I get to see some Andrew Wyeth's in real life you posted this post and I shall go to the ball!!! Dulwich here I come, I just have to weave another trip to london into my summer exciting!
Thank you K for being such a useful resource!