Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Top Ten Best Art Books in May

If you want to know how to find out which are the top rated and/or best selling art books in May - read on!

I'm still intrigued by the listings in the categories used by Amazon and how difficult it can be to see which are the top rated and best selling art books.

So I've created my own listing Makingamark's Top 10 Fine Art BooksThis is going to focus on my interests of drawing, painting, artists, art business and what's new - as detailed below.

I'd also add that, yet again, I've learned something about the art books available on Amazon while creating this listing!

What's different about this list

There are two things which make this list distinctive

FIRST is that the listing will be UPDATED EVERY MONTH. 

I'll be identifying the fine art books which are the top rated and best selling books across various Amazon Art Books categories - including books yet to be published.   As I update, I'm expecting some books to change while perennial best sellers are likely to stay the same.

SECOND relates to how this list is compiled.                   

This listing in no way repeats the listings for different categories for arts and photography on That's because I find that the Amazon categories can be very confusing and books are often listed in multiple and incorrect categories.

Therefore the books listed on my new information site Makingamark's Top 10 Fine Art Books are a personal interpretation of these listings and are compiled by:
  • focusing on fine art books only (ie excluding all books for children, commercial artists and photographers)
  • reviewing the category lists at Amazon - and which books are included in the category
  • ignoring all books which in my view are inappropriately categorised / do not relate to fine art
  • identifying the best selling book in the chosen categories
  • identifying the top rated book in the chosen categories
  • only listing a book once - in whichever category they rank highest
  • reviewing the listings monthly and updating in each category as appropriate
Just click a link and go straight to that topic - and find out which are the top 10 art books in May!

So if you want to keep up to date with which art books are coming up the charts and are highly rated or selling well, why not bookmark this new 'resources for artists' site.  

I'll be updating it next at the end of June/beginning of July.

Feel free to share this link via Twitter or Facebook or any other way in which you share sites.

Comments on the listing and new information site are also welcome


Sarah said...

These lists are really useful but when I click on the book it takes me to and not . you add both because dont you get points or something if I buy books suggested by you...if you dont then you should!

Making A Mark said...

Thanks Sarah

You are correct - clicking my links helps a little bit to subsidise my book-buying habit. It could do with helping to fund some new bookshelves right now! ;)

Squidoo only offers the option of and I can't do anything about that.

However what I have done is to start up a recommended books page on my Making A Mark website - Recommended Art Books which is based for UK purchasers. This is the URL -

What I'm going to do is add in a new section for
* Art Business Books
* Best selling/top rated art books in the UK and USA (they're slightly different)

That way hopefully I'll get some people clicking those links too.

Give me a day or so and it should be up and running.

vivien said...

yes, my feedburner numbers yo yo daily and are totally unreliable!

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