Friday, May 07, 2010

How many people agree with Nick?

I stayed up to watch the elections - and ended up sketching heads in an effort to stay awake.

I've not tried sketching politicians and commentators before and it shows! Bear in mind that these completely awful sketches are based on models which came on the screen for a few seconds at a time and that they also refused to pose. I also decided that the back of Paxo's head didn't make the grade as a model. The pen and ink was maybe a mistake as well.......

I'm now in need of sleep!


Janet Pantry said...

Hehe, so I'm not the only one glued to the TV last night watching it all unfolding! Katherine, I love your sketches! You'd have more time if you watched a recording and then paused it to sketch? You've got Nick Robinson, David Dimbleby and David Cameron down to a 't' I think! Your Gordon Brown needs a bit more work!! And...where's Nick Clegg? Poor chap's been neglected!

Fascinating events though. Personally, I think it's good there's a hung parliament - they're really going to have to work together now instead of arguing all the time! :)

Quilt knit said...

I wish I had known about the elections. I missed them somehow. I remember all the ribbons on all the politicians. The ribbons are all that are missing. Gosh wish I had been notified of the channel. Do not remember hearing the election was last night and I was up. We could have compared faces. Bummer! Well, now what happens? Is there a run off race? Please let me know. Wonderful portraits. Great practice.

adebanji said...

Katherine, they are sketches, the beauty of the sketch is that it is a sketch. The sketching experience is what I love and for that-its good!

Sue Clinker said...

We managed to stay awake till 4.30am - it was a pretty emotive election wasn't it!!

Great sketches, especially those of Dimbleby and Robinson - perhaps thats because they were on screen for longer than the candidates.

Making A Mark said...

I learned that david Cmaeron is totally impossible to sketch as he's got no structure to his face - reminds me of a chrub!

Plus David Dimbleby drove me to distraction as did John Simpson

I think Andre Marr is the best followed by Alastair Campbell

Nick Robinson is not bad but could have been better if I hadn't been so tired!

RosieK said...

What a great way to stay awake - I only made it until 2.30 but maybe drawing would have made me more alert - I will try it next time (as I am sure there will be a next time pretty soon!!!)

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