Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm off to the park to draw irises!

Who's made a mark this week will be delayed until tomorrow as we've got exceptionally good weather today and I want to be out in it!

This is where I'm going - to Victoria Park - hopefully to draw irises near the East Lake.

Some of you may remember this post from last year - Hokusai, Van Gogh and the iris paintings which was triggered by trying to draw irises. 

Have any of you been drawing them this year?


Lynne E. Windsor said...

Hope your iris drawing day was successful Katherine... I was all set to do that a few weeks back as we had some wonderful irises blooming in our garden... then it snowed and they all drooped and died. It was so sad! I look forward to seeing your results.

Quilt knit said...

How lovely! I miss the Gardens of Audubon Park, Memphis, TN. The Iris's there have been cut one time Only for a visiting Dignitary! The Iris Society is very protective and grow the Up and Coming Varieties. I hope they have the same Love and Attention to the Irises there. "Oh, The Bearded Iris". So much I miss from the South.


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

A great day to be out creating art - hope that you're pleased with the results. Love the iris paintings featured in the linked post.

Bridget Hunter said...

Went to Ardnamurchan last week and hundreds of wild iris on grassy shoreline but none yet in bloom! Wondered if they might be yellow when they do. Hope you are pleased with the results of your lovely painting day.

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