Friday, August 15, 2008

I've been juried into the UKCPS Annual International Exhibition

8" x 10", coloured pencils on Arches HP
all images copyright Katherine Tyrrell

"Potential" has been juried into the 7th Annual International Exhibition 2008 of the United Kingdon Coloured Pencil Society (UKCPS) which is to be held at 'The New Gallery' at The Royal West of England Academy, Queens Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1PX, from Friday 3rd to Tuesday 28th October 2008.

The aim of the exhibition is to feature around 60 examples of the best coloured pencil work from around the world. Bob Ebdon reported on the UKCPS blog recently that the Executive was very pleased with the entries for this year's Exhibition.
  • the total number of artists entering work has increased by almost 50% more artists
  • the international dimension has expanded with entries being received from artists in 11 countries, and
  • the total number of entries are 30% up on last year.
UKCPS, unlike CPSA, has a policy of having a team of three jurors who each see the juried entries individually. Typically they are a coloured pencil expert, a representative of the sponsor (which is always a coloured pencil manufacturer) and a respected artist from the local area.

This year Janie Gildow CPSA led a team of three jurors who included a representative of Faber Castell, this year's sponsor, and another from the Royal West of Academy. I'm particularly pleased as Janie provided early stimulus for my coloured pencil artwork as she's the author of two standard reference books on the use of coloured pencils which I bought very early on. These books are Colored Pencil Explorations and Colored Pencil Solution Book (with Barbara Benedetti Newton)

Bob outlined some background to Janie Gildow's perspective on "What is good art?" in his post on the UKCPS blog on when he quoted the following
Good art is a result of careful planning, creative expression, strong composition, excellent craftsmanship, and a confident and complete exploration of the medium.
Janie Gildow
As it happens Potential is a work which I featured on this blog as a work in progress last year in this post Potentially Peonies. You can see how I built it up from a pencil outline - which gets rubbed away as I progress across the piece - through the various stages to the final version.

You can see more of my original fine art drawings of flowers and plants - in coloured pencil (large and small) and pen and ink on my website. You can read more about my passion for drawing flowers and my flowers in art project last year in Flowers in Art - Resources for Artists.

Note: A fine art print of this work is available via Imagekind who happen to have a 25% discount on custom framing until 10pm PDT on 18th August (discount code PLUNGE25)



  1. well deserved! of COURSE it was accepted!

  2. That`s a sheer beauty itself ! Love your works! Thank you for sharing your wonderful paintings and all that information,it helped me loads !
    Congratulations !!!

  3. Congratulations Katherine! (I did too and it's my first exhibition and I wasn't sure about the etiquette regarding blogging so I'm glad to see your post!) This is a beautiful piece, the colours gorgeous!

  4. Congrats Katherine! Well-deserved! It is a lovely piece, one of my favorites of yours.

  5. Congratulations!

  6. Congratulations, Katherine! I love the complexity of colors you achieve with layering in your pieces.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! I am very excited for you!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS! I am very excited for you!

  9. wow! lovely delicate subtle colors! Really beautiful.

  10. Well done on getting into that exhibition Katherine. I've always liked this piece, the colours in it work so well together.

  11. Congratulations Katherine!
    The drawing is gorgeous!

  12. Echoing all of the above + my own very great big thumbs up = CONGRATULATIONS!

  13. Congratulations! This is wonderful news! I'm so glad you're getting such great positive feedback on your own artwork!

  14. Congratulations Katherine! Very well deserved. This is a beautiful peice and that you can do that with coloured pencils amazes me :)

  15. Wow Katherine, This is really stunning. I love the way the one bud seems to be reaching out to the viewer, like she is trying to tell us, "Look at me, I have potential! Really I do!" The quiet but complimentary colors give it very nice vibrant glow. I have to say that often your artwork seems to take an undeserved second stage to the wonderful information you share, so it's nice to see it being highlighted this time. Congratulations on being juried into such an important show! Someday you may be jurying these shows yourself, I have a feeling.

  16. Belated congratulations, Katherine. I totally agree with Jana's comment. I would sacrifice not having your blog for a couple of days per week if you could be encouraged to dedicated more time to your own paintings. Brava!

  17. A list of successful entries will be forthcoming, as soon as time has been allowed for all entrants to be notified by post, including the many overseas entrants, and as soon as our Exhibition Secretary gets back from a family holiday - we all have other lives I am afraid.


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