Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big News from CPSA - new exhibition arrangements and a new blog

CPSA has a brand new blog!

Coloured pencil artists around the world will be interested to learn that recent updates on the website of the Colored Pencil Society of America provide:
Exhibitions in 2009

The big news is that CPSA's Explore This! 5 is now to be an all year Online Gallery on the CPSA website.
The “Explore This!” Exhibition, instituted in 2001, will become a yearly online exhibition starting in 2009. This show allows other media as long as 75% of the surface is colored pencil as well as three-dimensional, collage, and relief artwork.
CPSA FAQs about Exhibitions
This is great opportunity for overseas artists who don't always work exclusively in coloured pencils and/or who don't relish shipping costs for framed work (that'll be me!) to submit their work to CPSA
  • the Exhibition Dates are Feb 1, 2009 to Jan 31, 2010 (ie online all year) on the CPSA website
  • The Call for Entries will open September 15, 2008 at (I'll repeat these details in a blog post when the call for entries goes live)
  • Deadline for Entries: Entry Selection and Awards Selection: Jan 5-12, 2009.
  • The Acceptance list will be posted online on Jan 14, 2009
CPSA's 17th International Colored Pencil Exhibition/Convention
  • CPSA's 17th International Colored Pencil Exhibition/Convention is in Atlanta, GA in 2009 and will be hosted by District Chapter 107 Atlanta. Calendar details are as follows:
  • Exhibition Dates: July 9 to August 29, 2009
  • Gallery: Hudgens Arts Center, Duluth, Georgia
  • Deadline for Entries: March 31, 2009
  • Shipping of Artwork: June 17-24, 2009
  • CPSA Convention Dates: July 27 - August 1, 2009
Featured Artists

The featured artist page on the CPSA website now provides links to the featured artists who have won the top prize in recent years at the international exhibition. The page for Featured Artist (under Members) now includes a page for Jeff George who was featured on this blog on 11th August (see CPSA 16th Annual International Exhibition 2008 - Award winners)

The three artists whose donated work attracted the top bids at Silent Auction at the 16th International Exhibition are Cecile Baird, Elizabeth Patterson and Pat Averill.

Colored Pencil Society News - the new CPSA blog

I'm really pleased to see that I've got a new contender for The Making A Mark Art Society Blog of the Year Award! It's really good to see national art societies taking up blogging as it is such an effective, efficient and GREEN way of communicating with members who are online. Plus of course it is very effective at helping to promote the particular sort of art that any art society is set up to support and promote which can only be a good thing.

I'm guessing that CPSA will still be finding its feet with this new blog as to content but I'd highly recommend that it considers the following as actions which will be helpful to the society, its branches and its members.
  • Provide updates on branch news from time to time - it's such an easy way for branches of a national art society to find out what each other are up to. Sharing innovation and best practice can become a viral process in no time at all!
  • Feature interviews with leading CPSA artists from time to time - in connection with major news they may have which helps to promote the cause of coloured pencil art.
  • Provides updates and reminders for key dates in the exhibition process
  • Provide technical updates
  • Provide a blogroll for links to the blogs run by (1) CPSA branches and (2) CPSA members - in the same way that the CPSA website now provides links to the websites of all its members. (add your website if you are a member of CPSA)
Another option is to seek feedback about options for change. One of the things which makes a blog a bit different for art societies is that they are interactive (people leave comments!) and hence can be helpful to discussion about change.

I think the UKCPS blog has proved a big hit with members and I'm sure that CPSA will also find that their new blog will have lots of new subscribers in no time at all. Check out the subscription box at the top of the right column. I've already added it into to my Art Society blogroll in the side column of this blog plus the 'Coloured Pencil Societies - websites and blogs' section of my information site Coloured Pencils - Resources for Artists and I'm now off to add my subscription to this new blog into my feedreader.

Now - how about going and leaving a comment to congratulate them on their new blog?

If you want to start a blog for you or your Art Society

If you a CPSA member or a coloured pencil artist reading this and you want to start a blog - but are still not sure how they work try taking a look at my 5* rated information site Blogging for Artists - Resources for Artists which provides a range of information which people keep telling me is very useful for those wishing to start a blog or improve their blog
Are you an artist and want a blog? Or maybe an artist who wants to work on improving your blog?

If you are then read on - you'll find links on this site to sources of advice, information, and all other matters which are relevant to blogging for artists and blogging by artists.

It focuses first on blogging basics, then on blogging for artists. Finally it covers some problems encountered by artists who blog and how to deal with them
Blogging for Artists - Introduction
For readers wanting to improve your art blog try taking a look at How to improve your art blog


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