Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lines and Colors and a rather nice surprise

I've just broken off from prep work for an exhibition to find an email containing some totally unexpected and very nice news. Charley Parker (Lines and Colors) has rather surprised me by writing a very complementary piece about me on his admirable blog - see Katherine Tyrrell.

I'm a huge fan of 'Lines and Colors' and am always really interested to read about the various artists that he writes about. We share a number of artistic interests and it's always great to find that he's posted about yet another new artist that appeals to me - especially when I know that every post will come with a bunch of helpful links to sources of images and information on the net. I'm sometimes able to suggest an extra site as a reference source or a 'must see' exhibition.

A lot of people comment that they don't know how I manage to find the time to do what I do. I have a confession. I'm always in awe of the way that Charley can produce a class article day after day - all of which are well researched, thoughtful, insightful and well written! It just so happens that today I'm the subject!

I particularly liked this comment - picture me with a big beaming smile at this point!
I like the range of colors she finds in surfaces that are ostensibly white, whether in the walls of buildings or simple still life subjects like eggs in a bowl or fruit on a white surface.
You can find the images he used in the Houses and Gardens gallery on my website.

Now I return to matting and framing for an exhibition...........