Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Duane Keiser's last $100 oddment

Broken Bird Egg by Duane Keiser
A Painting A Day 1st august 2008

This is it - the last oddment by Duane Leiser priced at $100 - and I got it!

What's an oddment?
Oddment means "a remnant or part of something, typically leftover from a larger piece." I originally made these very small paintings on pieces of board leftover from my larger paintings. They are typically about 3"x2" and are $100.
What's an oddment
Duane has been painting very small paintings for a set price of $100 for some time - and they have become one of the ways people can continue to get a piece of work by Duane at an affordable price. His postcard sized paintings although always started at $100 sell for much more than this in 7 day auctions on e-bay.

The trick with Duane's oddments is to be the first one to see one. The way it works is that the first person to email Duane offering to buy it gets it - no need to negotiate eBay or to wait for the auction to finish before you find out whether or not you got it.

I have to confess I had an odd thought when writing about Keiser Collectors and Duane and his eggs last week - which was that it would be nice to see him doing more bird's eggs. So he then - out of the blue - painted a broken bird's egg shell in my favourite colour - how could I not bid? Duane told me afterwards that this would be the last one at this price so I'm now feeling very lucky indeed!

What's very interesting and apparent from the new Keiser Collectors site is that oddments work very well when collected in sets. I always really liked his egg paintings so I'm particularly pleased to have got an egg shell one. Collecting small sweeties - as attractive as they are - would have been too much for me!

I've taken the opportunity this morning to add a new module - Still Life and 'A Painting A Day' - into my information site Still Life - Resources for Artists. At the moment I've added in just three artists but I'll be adding more in soon.

Do leave a comment and let me know which is your favourite.



Casey Klahn said...


Is there some way that you can get his intentions to make this the last one in writing? I know one should never say never, but this tiny aspect would raise the market value.

I am always telling my patrons how to inventory and record their art collections, and I usually say they need to establish the value somehow. Receipt, price tag, anything!

Not that you will ever sell it. It is a very beautiful piece, and I am a fan of Keiser, too.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Well I've already got it in writing in an email so I guess that counts!

Duane said...

It's the last oddment to be sold at $100 (though, to be clear, it is not the last oddment.)

So there it is in writing:)

Chuck Law said...

Hi Katherine
I think your Broken Bird Egg painting is exquisite. I love Duane's egg paintings. My favorites of his though, are the little sets of objects with incomplete drawings in them such as the berries or the little winged seeds he did a while back. They remind me of DaVinci.
I guess I'm pretty lucky to have gotten the second to last $100. Oddment. It wasn't in my current budget. I felt a bit guilty and reckless spending the money, but now I'm really glad that I made the bid.
Collecting art is like that.
Now I'm wondering..were you asking which is my favorite of the three artists you added to the Still Life
Resource Site?

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Even better - thanks Duane! :)

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Chuck - I like your one too!

Sorry for the confusion - I'm actually asking which are people's favourite artists who do daily paintings of still life. That'll give me a guide as to who to start adding into my information site as I'm not trying to create any sprt of roll call of all daily painters so much as a contribution towards pointing people in the direction of artists who have 'made a mark' on their audience - as Duane, Julian and Carol have all done.

People who are excellent contemporary painters of still life - but don't do daily paintings could have a mention in another section on the same site.

Chuck Law said...

Thanks for the clarification.
I sort of realized what you were asking after I went on about my favorite Keisers.
I'm not sure if I know of any true daily painters who do only still lifes, but I would like to mention Craig Stephens who does put out a large portion of excellent still lifes on his daily painting blog. http://craigstephens.blogspot.com/

Cindy said...

Congratulations on the egg, it's lovely. I think that it's so delicate and quiet. It's a beaut.

I missed those peppers (drats).

Also, I wanted to thank you for the kind mention of my blog...thank you!