Saturday, June 21, 2008

Threadneedle Figurative Prize Receiving Days - an important change

Yesterday was the deadline for registration for the brand new Threadneedle Figurative Prize. It was also the day that the organisers had to issue a notice to various websites - including this one - asking for co-operation in publicising a difficulty in relation to one of the receiving days.

Works can only be accepted at the Mall Galleries on Receiving Days.

The basic rules state that works have to be be delivered, unpacked, to the administration offices of the Mall Galleries at 17 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5BD between 10:00am and 5:00pm on the following Receiving Days:
Sunday 6 July 2008
Monday 7 July 2008
Tuesday 8 July 2008

....but there's a problem on Sunday 6th July

Street closures for the British 10k London Run are going to prevent delivery by car on the morning of Sunday
6 July and quite possibly prevent pedestrian access via Pall Mall - see the details below which are posted on the websites of the Mall Galleries and the TFP.

Click the link to the run to see just how much the route affects central London. I can tell you from personal experience that trying to drive in central London on days like this is a complete nightmare!


Due to street closures caused by the British 10k London Run, we’ve been informed it will NOT be possible for cars or vans to drop off work at our administration offices at 17 Carlton House Terrace BEFORE 1:00PM on SUNDAY 6 JULY.

Pedestrian access to Carlton House Terrace will still be possible via The Mall from 10:00am and throughout the day. However, pedestrian access to Carlton House Terrace from Pall Mall may also NOT be available BEFORE 1:00PM on SUNDAY 6 JULY.

We shall remain open for receiving work until 8:00PM on SUNDAY 6 JULY to compensate for this inconvenience, which is entirely out of our control.
Receiving arrangements and times for handing in work on Monday 7 July and Tuesday 8 July remain unchanged.
This is a link to a Google map of the area of London around the Galleries which is affected.

The information about the times of the closure and re-opening of Pall Mall are slightly different from those given below - but do note the times of closures for any other roads on your route. It may be that the situation is clearer nearer the time.

My personal view is that despite the extended opening hours, this change might well create a bit of a log jam in the afternoon because of people wanting to be back home by late afternoon/early evening. For those people for whom Sunday is the only day they can hand-deliver, I'd suggest making plans to go later or alternatively look at the options around submitting from regional pick-up points rather than driving to London.

TIP: For those trying to think of alternative options to a delivery by car, can I recommend wrapping works in bubble wrap and/or towels inside a suitcase on wheels. It's actually possible to deliver on foot quite large and/or heavy pieces which are very awkward to carry if they will fit inside a large suitcase. It's essentially no more difficult than travelling with a suitcase on public transport in London. However if you're going to deliver on foot, late morning would seem a good time to go.

TFP Exhibition

I'm looking forward to seeing this exhibition which is on at the Mall Galleries between 20th August - 6th September 2008.

The website indicates that approximately 60 works will be chosen by the panel of selectors (Richard Cork, Angela Flowers, Hew Locke and William Packer) to provide a showcase for the best in new figurative painting, printmaking, sculpture and mixed media installations.

That's a very small number relative to the capacity of the galleries and the normal number of pieces which are exhibited in exhibitions at the Mall. It'll be interesting to see the range (and size!) of figurative art which has been submitted and judged worthy of being exhibited.



vivien said...

good advice

my work is usually too big for a suitcase - but I have a little folding luggage rack that would do the same job - very useful when delivering work and you can't get the car near. Bubble wrap and bungee cords.

Making A Mark said...

Where would we be without bungee cords!

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