Saturday, June 07, 2008

Packaging, posting and shipping art - Resources for Artists

Following on from my earlier blog post Packaging and posting artwork, I've now created an information site Packaging, posting and shipping art - Resources for Artists 
( - now

This contains:
  • Useful sources of advice
  • HOW TO: Ship giclee prints / drawings / works on paper
  • HOW TO: Ship framed and/or glazed works
  • HOW TO: label a package
  • HOW TO: Create a package for artwork
  • HOW TO: Protect and cushion artworks
  • Protective Packaging - what I use
  • Types of packaging - inside the external packaging
  • External packaging
  • HOW TO: Ship your work to art exhibitions
  • HOW TO: Ship artwork internationally (coming soon)
  • HOW TO: Package and ship pastel paintings
  • PACKAGING: materials on Amazon
  • Parcel services - UK Based websites
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL
I'm going to be updating this in the very near future with a piece about what to do when shipping artwork to international exhibitions.

I'm very happy to update this site with any useful suggestions or links to useful blog posts (your own or ones you've read) and I invite you to add these either to the site using the feedback module Comments and Suggestion (anybody can comment) or by commenting below.

If you'd like to rate the site also, that's entirely up to you!

PS It's Drawing Day today!

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