Sunday, June 08, 2008

Copyright and Orphan Artworks - Resources for Artists

I've created another information site which is an introduction for artists to copyright, intellectual property and orphan artwork - called Copyright and Orphan Artworks - Resources for Artists.
  • Intellectual property covers Copyright; Designs; Patents and Trade Marks.
  • Orphan artworks are works of art where the person who created it cannot be found - even if they can be identified.
I was concerned that the copyright section in Art Business - Resources for Artists wasn't big enough to deal with what is becoming and increasingly important topic for artists and decided that a new site was the best solution.

Visual artists need to know how to protect their images and intellectual property - both on the the internet and in the wider marketplace where artists have to deal with the fact that not all countries operate copyright law in exactly the same way.

At the same time they need to ensure they are not disadvantaged by new proposals for dealing with orphan artworks.

What does the new site contain?

It provides links to the main official sites dealing with intellectual property and copyright. It also links to books about copyright and intellectual property; sites discussing fair use, creative commons licences and projects; proposals about orphan works; blogs and other sites which are helpful to those wanting to deal with the practical aspects of art law and current practices and infringements relating to copyright and intellectual property.

Just click on a link to go straight to that topic If you have any comments or suggestions I'd really like to hear them - particularly if they are suggestions for links to more useful sites. Anybody can comment on the lens or below.

Other sites of interest to the visual artist

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I need to also draw your attention to.....

DISCLAIMER Please note that I am not a lawyer. I am not engaged in offering professional or legal advice. I take no responsibility for and have no liability in relation to your reliance on any of the information offered by the sites listed on the new website. I'm just sharing what I've found. Most of the people writing on the internet are sharing their experiences and offering their opinions. It's up to you to make sure your research is thorough enough for your purposes. If you need professional advice then I suggest you contract with the appropriate professional.

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