Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Colin See-Paynton and "Of a Feather - An Avian Alphabet"

Two posts today - this one is about about another engraver of natural history. The artist in question being Colin See-Paynton and the images being ones of communities of birds and their natural habits and habitat.

Of a Feather - An Avian Alphabet is a truly remarkable series of wood engravings based on an alphabet of avian collective nouns (e.g. Abandonment of Cuckoos, Gaggle of Geese and Tiding of Magpies).

A Tiding of Magpies
copyright Colin See-Paynton

What is so remarkable about them is that they all display a love and understanding of nature as well as the skill of a master engraver.

I saw this exhibition at the Bankside Gallery last week. It's absolutely amazing and definitely one which will all natural history and/or wildlife artists and/or print-makers will love to see.

This is what David Attenboorough had to say about it
Colin See-Paynton has introduced yet another vision to the rich tradition of wood engraving. His delight in the lines of a bird so elegantly inscribed by the cut of his graver, his skill in varying texture even though he only has black and white with which to do so, his palpable pleasure in composing his subjects into joyous designs have brought something new to the portrayal of birds. It is a true privilege to provide these few words to introduce them.’
Sir David Attenborough
You can see the series and all the birds in one of two ways
  • Either on the Of A Feather - an avian alphabet website
  • Or at one of the venues for the tour throughout England and Wales of "Of a Feather - An Avian Alphabet" - for details see the website but there are dates in
    • Denbigh, Fishguard, Bardiff, Buckley, Colwyn Bay, Machynlleth, Llangefni,
    • Nature in Art event
    • York, Bath, Truro
    • Edinburgh
It's currently at the Compton Cassey Gallery, Withington, Nr Cheltenham 7 June – 21June 2008.

Do also take a look at his website where you can see other engravings of animals, birds and landscapes.

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Laura Frankstone said...

His work is stunning. Thank you for introducing it and him to us. He describes himself on his website as engraver AND watercolourist, but there are no examples of his watercolor work shown. Are you familiar with it?
I'd love to see the engravings in person.

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