Monday, June 16, 2008

Portraiture - Resources for Artists

After the spate of blog posts about portrait competitions at the end of April, I started a new information site for portraiture called Portraiture - Resources for Artists. I can't quite work out why it's taken me so long!

Drawing a Head - class
pencil and coloured pencils on Saunders Waterford

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

It's still being developed and new links will be added for the foreseeable future - but now seems a good time to publish its existence.

Click a link to go straight to any of the following topics covered on the site.
I'm finding that good quality links are less frequent than I was expecting and suggestions for good links to include are most welcome.

I'm particularly keen to create a section about Notable contemporary portrait artists. As there are so many good portrait artists around I have to limit 'Notable' to meaning portrait artists who have won a prize or otherwise had some sort of formal recognition by a national portrait society. Suggestions with hyperlinks please.

The above drawing is one I did recently in my Drawing a Head class last month. She's looking less finished than usual but I'm on a campaign of avoding overworking at the moment!

I'm now off for a day out in Piccadilly visiting exhibitions and book shops with Robyn (Have Dogs, Will Travel) - with hopefully quite a bit of sketching involved - followed by the Awards Ceremony for the BP Portrait Prize this evening!


  1. Katherine, I have always loved your "drawing a head" sketches. And they have always been good. But recently, well, you have really improved, they are just incredible these days. The "series" is a real testimony to sticking with it and pursuing a subject.

  2. I have been doing a lot of looking in your blog lately, so just wanted to hop in and say thank you for all the information that you collect and display.

  3. Sounds like you and Robyn will have a really fun day. I wonder what Dermott is doing while she is gone.



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