Friday, April 04, 2008

Goldsworthy and Gormley - 21st century British sculpture

Andy Goldsworthy - Resources for Art Lovers - my new squidoo lens

Two British Sculptors whose work I very much like are Andy Goldsworthy and Anthony Gormley. They both produce work which provides a new perspective on both the landscape and the materials they use and the relationship between both materials and the space they inhabit.

I've written about both before on this blog - see below - and recently decided to develop new two new 'Resources for Art Lovers' information sites, using Squidoo. These were both published today
Both sites include links to relevant websites, where works can be found in museums and open space, books, articles, photos of their work - and perhaps most interesting of all - videos about their work and their approach to their work. The latter give you a sense of what their work is like - but you can't beat seeing the real thing!

Links to previous posts on this blog

Anthony Gormley speaking at the Jerwood
pen and ink,

copyright Katherine Tyrrell
Modern Artists - Resources for Art Lovers - my new squidoo group

I've also revamped my groups so that:
  • Artists in History - Resources for Art Lovers is now about artists who predominantly worked prior to the 20th century. I've classified those working at the turn of the century and into the 1920s as 'artists in history'.
  • Modern Artists - Resources for Art Lovers - is a NEW GROUP. This gets over the incongruity of having a significant number of living artists in the artists in history group! These two sculptors form the nucleus of a module which will focus on 21st century British sculptors. I'll be adding Henry Moore in due course - and some of my photos from the wonderful exhibition, sadly now finished, at Kew Gardens.
The latter group includes a poll about who is the best modern artist out of those included in the group to date. Artists can move and down!


  1. Pedantic me: Modern Arists? or Contemporary Artists? ;) sorry, had to be asked.

  2. Spelling mistake or use of terms? I think I spotted that spelling mistake after it was published so that's now corrected

    I though about the modern/comtemporary thing - and then decided I was writing for the general public who were interested in art but who wouldn't know there was an issue as to naming.

  3. Hi Katherine - your blog is an amazing resource and I love your new Andy Goldsworthy page - I am starting to show my kids some less traditional art forms to inspire them and he is on the list - thanks for your efforts!


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