Saturday, April 05, 2008

Making A Mark on Squidoo

Making A Mark on Squidoo

Why I've never done this before I do not know - but yesterday I finally created a collection of all my lens sites on Squidoo - organised by category. That's mean's just one bookmark and one Tab on my Firefox Browser - whoohoo!

This is the URL for Making A Mark on Squidoo

It would appear that I've made 36 lenses - out of the 500,000 lenses created since Squidoo began. However, it's actually 39 however the system won't recognise the last 3 at the moment :-(

My Top 10, in terms of popularity and numbers of visits, are in the top 5,000 (ie the top 1%) and virtually all are in the top 5% . Plus I've got a few more waiting in the wings as 'lens in progress'........ ;)

I tried to include a module which would always show which are the most recent additions at the top of the group (the 'Fresh Lenses' module) but it would appear Squidoo is still having problems since it transferred to new servers in the middle of the week. Hence it's not recognising any of the lenses published since then. This is also the reason why the two new lenses I posted about yesterday are not yet lensrolling the rest of my lenses. I'll be sorting out the easy links to new lenses and the rest of the suite just as soon as the bug gets sorted.

In the meantime - why not check out the link to Making A Mark on Squidoo and see if there are any others that you didn't know about! In any case I'd love to know what you think. Anybody can comment - you don't have to be a squidoo member. :)

If would like to have a go for yourself then I'd very much encourage you to have a try. Plus, if you have queries about Squidoo please use the comments function below and I'll see if I can answer them.

Also - I'm always happy to consider an application for membership of the two groups listed below if you've already made a Squidoo lens.

Check out the criteria for admission to each of the following and, if you think your lens fits, then let me know of your interest. The two groups are:
  • Resources for Visual Artists - which is all about lenses which provide information and useful links in topic areas relevant to visual artists. Note that it's NOT about marketing either your work or that of other people - there are other groups which do that.
  • Find out About Famous Artists - this one is about notable artists - basically those visual artists which have got into museums rather than got into wikipedia! The emphasis is also on lenses which are largely hand-made by people rather than automated processes.


  1. This is a great idea and if I make sense of it right when I subscribe via RSS feed I will know when you update it -


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