Saturday, April 12, 2008

Art History and the History of Art - Resources for Art Lovers

I'm pleased to announce that I've created a new site [ ] to join my group of Squidoo lenses called Making A Mark on Squidoo.

This lens is about Art History AND the History of Art. It's the latest lens in my lens series Resources for Art Lovers which provide a place where I store all the links I collect about the art movements and artists I'm interested in and which I share with other people because that's a nice thing to do! :)

The new lens is going to be a real time saver for me as it will provide links to:
  • timelines in the history of art
  • glossaries of words used in the history of art
  • online websites which focus on artists in history
  • museums and galleries where you can see art and artists
  • books about art history and the history of art
This is very much the start of the development of this lens. I can see this one needing a lot of work - and that's very much an understatement! All the art history fans should note that it doesn't yet include all the sites one might expect to see. However for all those who think they might bookmark this site I'm very happy to receive suggestions for ones which you'd like to see included - either as a comment on this blog or as a comment in the feedback module at the end of the lens!

What I'm very pleased about is that the site has only been published for a couple of days - but I haven't announced it anywhere - and it has already been found and received a 5 star rating and been 'favourited' by another lensmaster who has left a very nice comment. I'd be delighted if you'd like to do likewise!



  1. Katherine, this has nothing to do with your post but it's something I think you should definitely read and talk about, seeing as so many artists are reading your blog. Currently there is a law about to pass in congress about Orphaned works, which means that if an artist doesn't pay to register his or her own work for copyright, then it is an "orphaned work" and any company could use it without permission.

    Most alarming is that I've heard they are trying to do something similar in the UK..... and I think it should be brought to attention.

  2. Thanks Jael. I actually did a post about this some time ago.

    See Orphan Works and copyright: should you be worried (still)?

    If the USA government presumes to think it can rule on copyright for artists living in the UK, then presumably they're also happy for a 'tit for tat' situation where all those countries without any copyright laws at all will apply their take on copyright to any artworks originating in the USA!

    At present in the UK there is no requirement to register to copyright anything. However, in broad terms, copyright can be claimed by anybody who can demonstrate that they created the original work.



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