Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sketching Great Dixter in the Spring

Reading in the Sunk Garden
11" x 8", pencil and coloured pencils in Daler Rowney sketchbook

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

We visited Great Dixter yesterday - above is the sketch I did which includes a rare sighting of 'he who must not be bored while I sketch'. You can find out about the visit, see more of Great Dixter in Great Dixter in the Spring and hear about the books I'm reading at the moment on my Travels with a Sketchbook Blog.

Do give me your views about a possible series of sketches on "Not being bored in gardens". ;)

I'm off to the Royal Horticultural Halls today to see the Daffodil Festival. I'm also hoping to resurrect a post about Arts and Crafts gardens which was butchered by Blogger last summer.

This morning I also updated my information site - Gardens in Art - Resources for Artists. For those who've not come across this before, this will of interest to those of you who:
  • love looking at paintings of gardens or
  • enjoy drawing or painting your own garden or gardens you visit
  • like looking at gardens as art and artwork in gardens.
In future this site will also include links to all blog posts involving sketching in gardens. I've also added in a link to my FREE guide on sketching plein air in gardens.