Friday, April 18, 2008

Erasing coloured pencil - with some help

Nicole Caulfield has got her studio finished - which has given her the space to make her first ever video.

The subject is erasing coloured pencil on Fisher 400 paper. Nicole shows the different types of different erasers she uses and how to erase without losing the grit.

If you've ever wanted to see Nicole at work or have ever thought about taking one of her very popular coloured pencil workshops, now's your chance to see her style of teaching.

You also get to see the model in Nicole's portrait of her daughter Portrait of a Princess contributing her own particular and unique perspective on what should be done with the poofy sleeve of her party dress.

Click the link to see Erasing Colored Pencil - and make sure you are patient as it's a big 62mb file althought the video is only a neat 3minutes 52 seconds long (Don't forget to clear your cache after viewing).

The video pulls off an almighty combination by being both very informative and very, very funny - I giggled a lot while watching it for the first time.

Now if anybody has any hints about making videos you can leave them here (or on Nicole's blog post about the video) as I might, just might, set up that mini tripod sometime soon. Doubtless in my version I'll get contributions from my cats!



  1. Katherine, first I must say that you and Nicole are both just so incredibly generous, helpful, productive, talented, amazing... I could go on, but I must stop somewhere! I've been inspired, informed, and delighted viewing your blogs.

    The funny thing that springs to mind after seeing Nicole's sweet video and reading about your possible future ones is that famous show-biz quote, "Never work with children or animals." (Thankfully, this is NOT show-biz!)

  2. Haha Liz!

    Thanks for posting my "funniest home video" Katherine! I thought it certainly showed what it can be like working with kids home!

    I bet your cats do something similar every once in a while!

    Also if anyone is trying to access my website and gets an account suspended message - refresh the page and it will come up. :)

  3. I am lucky that Nichole teaches locally as well as on the cruses. A new class was starting and I was wondering if I should go. I then thought “I always have fun.”

    She has the unique ability to teach to all levels. This is important especially to me as I am on the lower level. Smile. I am a hobbyist at best, with only 1.5 years of drawing at all, one might think that an artist as gifted as Nichole would be an intimidating instructor. This is not the case.


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