Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Open Studios around the world

Top left clockwise - the studios of Tracy, Jana, Casey andTina

There has been a positive surfeit of people getting their studios built/reorganised/tidy for Christmas and then 'boasting' about how nice they look - with photographs!!! Plus I've found a few others that look rather nice.

So - in order that I can go and do my very own bit of adding to the landfill(!), I thought I'd post some really nice pictures of some really nice studios and links to the posts by their owners where you can read the explanations and, in some cases, see more photos. I am so jealous........
During the rest of the year, we've seen some other nice studios, such as

Now - who wants a new studio for Christmas?

Me! Dear Santa............

Please nominate the best drawing or painting of 2007 produced by an art blogger in 2007 and posted on an art blog in 2007.

See Monday's post The value of giving awards and testimonials - and a prize!
for details. The deadline for nominations is midnight (GMT) Friday. Take a look at the nominations received to date - they're most interesting. To clarify - you may also nominate the same artist and a different image if you wish.