Friday, December 14, 2007

Miniature Art - Resources for Artists

I posted about Miniature Art earlier this year (see The Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers - Annual Exhibition).

While researching and drafting that post I found a lot of links to useful websites which I've now incorporated into a new squidoo lens called Miniature Art - Resources for Artists.

This has been added into my squidoo group for my lenses - Making A Mark - Resources for Artists - and will be adding it into the list in the right hand column when Blogger allows me to save changes to the template. [Now revised 15.12.07.]

The original post about the exhibition proved to be very popular and that's what prompted me to do the squidoo lens. I hasten to add that there are a few sites which are also very comprehensive in relation to listing links - it's just they organise and describe them differently!

So far as adding in websites of specific artists I'm inclined to adopt the policy which I've used on the Botanical Art lens which is that links to the websites (or miniature art society webpages) of individual artists only get included if they've won a prize as I don't particularly want to be an arbiter of who is and is not a good artist in this field as, although interested in it, it's not an area I specialise in. Does this seem like a good idea? Should it be extended to members of societies?

If anybody who has got in-depth knowledge of this field has any further links they'd like to suggest please leave suggestions via a comment.

Similarly, I'd be pleased to hear from you from anybody who would like to suggest how the lens might be improved.


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