Friday, December 14, 2007

Blogger isn't working - again

I've been having a very frustrating week with Blogger this week - they've been making changes - which seems to make all the normal ordinary functions go haywire for a while - or at least it has on my machine (sigh). I'll be back with a post when I'm able to insert images, save links, save drafts and save changes to the template - none of which I can do at the moment!

Anybody knows what is?


Nat said...

I believe the bp? servers are the image hosting servers, as distinct from the servers hosting your blog. I've had so few problems with blogger, and yet I regularly hear complaints like yours. One possibility is that some time ago I started hosting the images from a Flickr account instead of on blogger-- maybe it's the image storage that's the real headache.

Katherine said...

Thanks Nat - I managed to work out that it's likely to be an image server which is causing the problem during the course of the day.

Not too sure what to do about it though. At the moment, I've got my fingers crossed!

avenuegirl said...

Hi Katherine,
did you ever figure out or do you perhaps know just how bp.blogger works?

Is it just a place to host images that a blogger using blogspot loads up?

Can anyone link from those images if they find them and use them?

I'm trying to figure out how bp3 works exactly. Looking to check on some possible illegal use of images.

Any info you may have is greatly appreciated.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

They're certainly image servers although I'm not too sure how they work.