Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Big Drawing Book Review - now has a squidoo lens

The Big Drawing Book Review now has a squidoo lens

The Big Drawing Book Review - Resources for Artists (yet another in the Making A Mark Group of squidoo lenses!) has endeavoured to capture all the book reviews written and posted on blogs during the course of the The Big Drawing Book Review in October (and in the case of me - since then as well).

This enables a record of all the books reviewed in one place. Plus the book reviews are now categorised and shown adjacent to links to the books. I do hope I've captured all the links to book reviews done by other people - Gayle, Dave, Rose, Laurel and Kirsty! (Casey - I'm going to hold over your review of the book about Wolf Kahn for the review of books about pastels and pastel artists which I have planned for next year.)

Should you still be in need of a present - for a loved one or for that list of suitable gifts for you which you are doubtless giving to said loved one - then this might be something to scan quickly to see if you are tempted!

The Drawing Books are categorised as follows:
  • for people wanting to learn to draw
  • about creativity and creative drawing
  • about drawing at an advanced level, for people wanting to develop their drawing skills
  • for those wanting to learn about drawing by masters through the ages
  • about specific drawing techniqes
  • about using a sketchbook
  • about drawing materials
I'm anticipating that this is a lens which I'll continue to add to during the year. After all, I've still not written the review of Ruskin's "The Elements of Drawing"! Plus I have a few more sketchbook books to go.

If you have written a review about a drawing book and/or want to suggest a new book and/or a link to your book review on your blog please let me know - comment on this blog post or on the squidoo lens. Please note authors can't write reviews of their own books and I only include links to genuine art and illustrated blogs (and not to the blogs of people trying to collect links!).

Now I know that's a lot of squidoo lenses in one week but I'm on a big drive to try and tidy up drafts and get ones posted for activities undertaken this year so that I get on with the ones for projects for next year!

I post all new squidoo lenses in the right hand column with a NEW!!! next to them so you can see if there's any you've missed. Plus all my lenses are always included in the Making A Mark group.


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