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2nd December 2007: Who's made a mark this week?

Strictly Pedestrian
a finalist in "People and Figures" of the International Artist competition
16" x 16" oil painting on masonite
copyright Karin Jurick - A Painting Today and Portfolio website

Congratulations to.........
  • Karin Jurick (A Painting Today) who is a finalist in the People and figures section of the International Artist Competition with Strictly Pedestrian. It's a really great example of the impact of rim lighting and how suggestion rather than detail within a composition can still provide a strong sense of place. Note the first comments!
  • John Davies on the opening of his 'new' (ie relocated) gallery The John Davies Gallery at The Old Dairy at Moreton in Marsh in the Cotswolds. Vivien Blackburn and I attended yesterday and were extremely impressed by the space and overall exhibition facilities. The gallery has 2,000 square feet and another 1,000 square feet will come onstream in the Spring. The Gallery shows paintings from a range of periods and themes plus contemporary art - details here. We were there for the PV of the exhibition of the Opening Collection comprising mainly English and Scottish contemporary artists. I particularly enjoyed the work of David Prentice and Sandy Murphy plus Michael Bilton and Stephen J Carruthers. As usual, they look even better in real life - and even more so now that you can view paintings in the gallery with ease from a distance and a number of angles!
Art Blogs
  • Robert Brindley (Robert Brindley Blog), a member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists, is using his blog for those interested in his painting demonstrations - it provides an alert as to when and where they are taking place and then he posts his paintings on the blog after the demonstration. Are other tutors and demonstrators doing this too?
  • Vivien Blackburn (Painting Prints and Stuff) comments on Sketchbooks - a personal view. She tells and shows how she uses sketchbooks and also highlights some other artists whose sketchbooks she likes.
  • I hadn't come across Terry Banderas's blog (Terry's Ink and Watercolor) before he commented on one of my posts this week. I always take a look to see who is commenting and was very taken with the quality of drawings on Terry's blog and the associated commentary. Go take a peek!
  • For those interested in ecology and all things green as well as the arts, you may well be interested in the new Arts and Ecology Blog (originating from within the Royal Society of the Arts)
  • Charley Parker ( Lines and Colors) has written a persuasive blog post about the progression of Pissaro's paintings - Camille Pissaro: Impressions of city and country
Art Communities and artists communing
Art Competition
Art Journalism
  • This is the the main on-line site for State of Art. I was amused to find the contact address is in Bethnal Green just off the Hackney Road! It contains (amongst numerous other pieces)
    • Robert Heller being extremely scathing about some art blogging activities in Blogged Down...and Out
    • ...and an interesting and provocative piece State of Ignorance (which dates back to Autumn 2005) by Laura Gasgoigne - art critic of The Spectator magazine and The Tablet newspaper - about the state of arts journalism and galleries' and dealers' awareness of painters in the UK.
Art Exhibitions
The Permanent Collection comprises the works belonging to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Together, the four collections offer a complete overview of the plastic arts of the 20th century.
Guggenheim Collection
Art Supplies
  • Susan Borgas (Art and Stuff) has a very useful blog post about Saral Transfer Paper - which Susan uses for transferring a drawing to Art Spectrum Colourfix paper which she uses for her wonderful pastel paintings of South Australia.
  • If you are ever in the Cotswolds and in need of art supplies, you may be interested to know that right at the very back of Grimes House Antiques and Fine Art in Moreton in Marsh is a very small art supplies area. It doesn't have everything but they cram in an amazing amount! Yesterday, it was great to be able to find some of things that I've been been trying to find for ages and which apeaar to have disappeared from the big art stores in London. Competition from online suppliers seems to have reduced many to a range catering to "the largest common denominator" only! It's so nice to be able to find small outlets who cater for those who forget or run out of supplies while in the area!
  • Dan at Empty Easel is running a survey about the best place to buy art supplies - here's how artists have responded so far - The best places to buy art supplies. Note that it's very USA oriented.
Art Videos

Enrique Flores (acuarelista) has two new sketchbook videos on YouTube (making 38 in total!) for:
The Big Drawing Book Review
Websites and Blogging
Blogging Tip: After reporting sites to Google AdSense which steal my content in order to decorate their blogs with Google Adsense adverts around, I've now started to subscribe to thieving sites using Google Reader. I label all such sites 'all thieving blogs' in Google Reader and this enables enables me to check quickly and easily whether they are continuing to steal and/or have moved on to somebody else and/or whether the domain name is deactivated. So far this week we now have one deactivated domain!

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Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

What a delightful surprise...I almost fell off my chair when I saw my name mentioned here, sketching with Nina in Stockholm! I was already excited when I saw my favorite magazine(Intentional artist mentioned at the top) and reading on brought me suddenly to some familiar names! Thanks for the mention...I feel honoured!
I enjoyed seeing Nina's is a whole different ballgame to see her work in person; so much more personality and professional, she is a talented artist.
BTW: I am upset with blogger, because they only accept google accounts, anonymous, or a nickname on all blogger the hotlink you'll find me at, is at my old blog at blogger(I have moved to wordpress)...a big schlepp!

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