Saturday, December 01, 2007

Google and Blogger - major malfunctions two days running

Blogger has malfunctioned in two major ways on two consecutive days. Just in case you think you're the only one I can confirm you're not!
  • Today (I'm writing at 7.45am GMT) the side column has completely disappeared and I can't see any of my widgets or links. I can also only see one post at a time.
  • Yesterday the function which enlarges images when they are clicked malfunctioned so that instead of seeing a larger image you get Google/Blogger inviting you to infringe copyright by saving them!
If you put a word specific to a post in the Blogger search box you can call up previous images but only the latest one for that word.

I suggest you all do as I did yesterday and formally notify Google/Blogger that their software is inviting an illegal act and that they are rendering themselves liable for images on a blog being copied/used by others.

If you want to keep an eye on whether (a) Google/Blogger recognise they have a problem and (b) whether they have yet produced a fix keep an eye on the Blogger Help Group.

Note people reporting problems to this group quite often report these malfunctions with contradictory titles and in the wrong sections (eg reporting it in 'How do I? rather than'something is broken') but the evidence is there that a number of people are experiencing both problems eg Help! Since my last post, my sidebar has gone missing, as have all my other blog posts from the main page! Try posting on this thread and reporting any problems you are having.

I'm now off to meet up with Vivien in Moreton in the Marsh for a Private View at the opening of a 'new' (ie relocated) Gallery.


  1. I noted the problem with the images and its still present today 8:47am Dec 1 but only applies to November 29 & 30th images.

    It invites me to either save it or open it with whatever graphics program on my computer. Disturbing indeed.

    I haven't noticed problems with sidebars and links disappearing - touch wood. I'll pop them a line and add my voice.

  2. Interesting! I'd noticed that, when previewing my blog and clicking on thumbnails, I was asked what I wanted to use to open the image files and where I wanted to save them. I thought this was a problem with Firefox, but now it seems that it's a Google issue. I'll also complain.

  3. I do not know what is going on with Google/blogger. I cannot see any of your older post. I wanted to know what you thought of Reader's Digest Book of Drawing?
    It has changed to a larger format. It appears to be a flip book that can stand up while you do the exercises. Everyone needs exercise. Nice photos.


  4. Aah, I see you have had some blogger problems of your own...?

  5. The column was back again by the time I logged in again on Sunday morning - however we still appear to have the problem with the images

    Personally I think it's highly irresponsible of Blogger


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