Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Call for Entries: UKCPS Annual Open International Exhibition 2023

This year's Annual Open Exhibition held by the UK Coloured Pencil Society (UKCPS) will be held online opening on 1st August 2023.


There are a number of awards
  • Best in Show: £500
  • Second Best in Show : £250
  • Best Pure Colour Pencil (no other media used) : £150
  • Pat Heffer Award
  • The Colour Pencil Shop Award
  • People’s Choice: £100

Terms and Conditions of Entry

The call has gone out for submissions to the exhibition.
The deadline for entries is 15th June 2023.

Who can enter?

Any artist can enter this exhibition if 
  • you are living
  • aged over 18 years old
  • you can be any age and live anywhere in the world. It's not limited to artists living in the UK. 

What can you enter?

You can enter up to five artworks. However, no more than two pictures per artist will be shown, irrespective of how many they enter

The artwork MUST be 
  • original (concept, design and execution by the artist) 
  • at least 50% colour pencil, 
  • demonstrate compositional and drawing skills, 
  • demonstrate the ability to use the medium of colour pencil. 
  • Entries must not have been shown in any previous UKCPS exhibition.
  • Each artwork must have a title
  • Each work submitted MUST comprise at least 50% dry colour pencil (i.e. wood-cased, and wax- or oil-based colour pencil, including watercolour pencil if used dry). This definition excludes pastel pencils. 
  • The remaining 50% of the work may be in any other medium, including any water or solvent used.
Artwork is ineligible IF any one of the following apply:
  • Any image produced by drawing over a digital reproduction. 
  • Artwork executed in whole or part under instruction and/or in any teaching or workshop situation. 
  • Any work copied from someone else’s photograph(s), even with their permission. 
  • Use of an individual’s image without that individual’s permission, in accordance with UK privacy laws. 
  • Any work shown in any previous UKCPS exhibition. 
By implication it can be an artwork which you have entered into another open exhibition and it was selected and exhibited. So, for example, this amazing work by Curtis Holder which I recently saw in the SGFA Exhibition at the Mall Galleries could be entered. It's also an example of a mixed media artwork.

copyright Curtis Holder 
Coloured Pencil over acrylic gouache

How to enter

You first need to read the detailed pdf about How to Enter - which is very clear and should answer all your queries.

After that, you can complete the online form (2023 Annual Exhibition) 

You will need images for each artwork entered. These must be
  • JPG or PNG files only; 
  • min. size 1MB, 
  • max size 5MB.
Poorly presented images, especially those that are out of focus, badly lit or pixelated will affect your chances of success. Each entry will be judged on your submitted image(s) alone. It is therefore very important to represent your work as best you can
You can find advice and information for how to take a good photograph of your artwork on my Art Business Info. for Artists website - see How to photograph art - for Artists

Entry fees are as follows
  • UKCPS Members: 1st entry free, additional entries £10 each 
  • Non-Members: £20 per entry
All fees are non-refundable. Entries are not complete until payment has been received


The pictures to be exhibited are chosen by an independent selection panel, who will be asked to select works to produce a varied exhibition showing the full range of capabilities of the colour pencil medium. All submitted images will be presented to the selection panel anonymously. No personal data, including name, will be given during the selection. 

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