Wednesday, March 15, 2023

What do you do if you don't respond to the PAOTY call in 48 hours?

Today I received a query about somebody who has entered the Portrait Artist of the Year (Series 10)  competition which will be filmed shortly - and was then contacted.

But there's a problem!

What do you do if you don't respond to the PAOTY call in 48 hours?

I'm going to repeat the query below - after removing all identifying information - as my comments might be applicable to more than just the individual who wrote to me.

I recently applied for Sky POATY. I received two phone calls from them last week, which I unfortunately missed since [legitimate explanation].  

I have since written 2 emails to them about this, but have received no reply, and I am slightly worried since the T&Cs state applicants can be discounted if they don't respond to contact attempts within 48 hours.

Since you have written such helpful blog posts on the series, I was hoping you could tell me what this means, and how I can get in touch with them? 
  • Do you know if there is any way I can contact Sky directly, 
  • Or whether they would actually discount an applicant for not returning a call? 
Don't worry if you don't know anything about this, but I thought it was worth asking your advice since you are so knowledgeable about the programme! I look forward to hearing back from you.

First the BAD NEWS: On the whole, I think the moment of opportunity has passed.

Organising heat artists from some 2,000+ applicants is tedious and complicated. 

  • First they have to sift through  all the applications and discount all the "no hopers" and come up with a long list
  • Then lots and lots of phone calls to lots and lots of people - and of course you won't get everybody first time.....
  • Next, they need to talk to the long list to see whether they can do the dates for the heats - which will fill up as they progress through the phone calls. My guess is they probably have two lists 
    • people we really really want
    • people we're happy to have if we don't get all the first group
  • if they don't provide a phone number it's because they don't want lots and lots of people who want to be on the television ringing them up and begging to be allocated a place in the heat! ;)
The reason for having a deadline for you to get back to the PAOTY organisers is because they need to get on and complete the arrangements for the heats because these will be filmed in April.

So - bottom line - I think the moment passed before you contacted me....

One thing which is worth bearing in mind - to improve your chances - should you want to apply again, is that you could have 

  • either included an explanation as to why you have limited access to a phone on occasion AND indicated 
  • either another person to call 
  • or times when you will be able to respond (or not respond - whichever is most appropriate)

For what it's worth, I'd be completely useless at entering a competition like this as I won't answer numbers I don't recognise!

TIP: ALWAYS Pay attention to all dates and times highlighted in any of the Call for Entries information relating to Artist of the Year

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