Sunday, January 31, 2021

Films, documentaries and programmes about art and artists

In the current context, a lot of art is being consumed online - and some of that it is in the form of films documentaries and programmes about art and artists.

Below are some references to what you can find online or via your television screen.

The Royal Academy of Arts has done us all a favour and come up with a list of films and documentaries to watch - all about artists

You can find the listing here 10 artist movies and docs to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime and more

To which I would add

British Film Institute

Over a mesmerising three hours, Wiseman follows the intricate inner workings of a hugely complex organisation, from finance board meetings to the meticulous work of restorers and educators (most memorably in a scene of an art appreciation class for blind people). The rich, absorbing tapestry that unfolds ranks as one of Wiseman’s finest achievements and is required viewing for anyone with an interest in British cultural life.

Museums in quarantine

BBC iPlayer

and for those needing some Life drawing you can still Draw along with BBC Four's Life Drawing Live! (2020) as Pose Cam remains on the models throughout each session

I'll add more in as I find them.......


I'm currently preoccupied with an essential project - hence why fewer posts than normal. 


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