Thursday, January 07, 2021

LOCKDOWN ART #2: 12 good reasons for artists to work in a series

This is an introduction to various reasons why artists work in series
  • Do you work in a series when you produce art?
  • Do you want know more about working in a series?
A series (in terms of art) usually means 
  • the artwork produced is related and coherent 
  • on the same theme or topic or about the same subject 
  • after the artist has explored the subject of the series in depth.

Paintings of Rouen Cathedral by Claude Monet
- photographed in the Musee d'Orsay in 2009

12 good reasons for artists to work in a series

Below I summarise 12 good reasons for working in a series.

In future posts I'll explore each of these reasons in more detail and provide 
  • links to examples 
  • further information, images and resources about famous artists who produce work in a series related to the reason
The twelve reasons are:
  1. Learn more about your subject / object of your attention
  2. The series is about the subject you like the best - which is easy to understand why but for how long?
  3. Develop an artistic identity - become known for being a painter of......
  4. Work in a series to tell a story - in stages - over a series of images
  5. Achieve artistic credentials - via an award or membership of an art organisation
  6. Explore one motif and what happens when you repeat it - differently
  7. Explore colour and colour variations
  8. Explore design and composition - and the options available to artists
  9. Explore an idea / a concept / an agenda - which may be political, cultural, gender oriented etc
  10. Explore and feed your own personal obsession
  11. Create an exhibition which displays unity of purpose and displays well in the gallery
  12. Create a collectible - which also makes earning income that much easier


Your challenge is as follows:

Part ONE

For each reasonsee if you can identify artists who have worked in a series in this way
  • in the past - in art history
  • as a contemporary artist and/or in more recent times.

Part TWO

Work out which reasons 
  • appeal to you the most
  • challenge you the most


  • Start A Series during lockdown! - it's entirely up to you if you go for an iea which appeals or an idea which challenges you a lot.

Note: This post follows on from LOCKDOWN ART #1: Working in a Series #1

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