Tuesday, January 05, 2021

LOCKDOWN ART#1: Working in a Series #1

We are now in the third TOTAL LOCKDOWN in the UK - and it's winter - so I'm going to create some resources for artists wanting:
  • to learn more about art and/or 
  • some stimuli for making art - within the constraints of the lockdown limitations on where we can go and what we can do.
Initially I'll be looking at my past blog projects about
  • working in a series 
  • understanding colour
  • understanding composition.

A Making A Mark Project - Working in a Series

Back in 2008, I developed a series of posts on my art blog "Making A Mark" about working in a series as an artist - and subsequently developed a site (now unpublished) about "working in series".

I'm resurrecting those posts - or links to them - on this blog in order to provide a resource for those who would like to have a go at developing a series.

These blog posts explored:
  • reasons why artists work in a series
  • reviewed Monet and his series paintings
  • considered specific series by Monet - the stacks of wheat and the paintings of Rouen Cathdral
These are those blog posts. Bear in mind when you read a post that, while the general principles and points made are perennial, some of the details re links to individual artists may have changed since it was first published.
The Allium Series 2008 copyright Katherine Tyrrell
  • Making A Mark Poll: What's the main reason why you work in a series? - The question is: What's your MAIN reason for working in a series? With the emphasis being on the word MAIN. Having recognised there's lots of reasons why we work in series I want to try and pin it down a bit more and see if you can work out which is usually the dominant reason for you.
  • Why and how Monet developed his series paintings - This post looks at:
    • why Monet painted series paintings
    • when he painted his series paintings
    • the various reasons leading to his choice of subject matter
    • which paintings are regarded as part of his series paintings
    • and finally, how he actually designed and painted the series paintings from a practice perspective.
Wheatstacks (end of summer) 1890-91 - Claud Monet
Oil on canvas, 60 x 100 cm (23 5/8 x 39 3/8 in);

The Art Institute of Chicago

La cath├ędrale dans le brouillard 
by Claude Monet
(included in the Sotheby's sale on 3rd November 2008)

12 good reasons to paint in a series

Tomorrow I'll be looking at 12 good reasons to paint in a series and thereafter will 
  • explore each reason further
  • with links to further information, images and resources about famous artists who produce work in a series.

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