Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Bernie Sanders and his mittens in Historical, Modern and Contemporary Art

The Bernie Sanders meme continues - and some of the best are those produced by art galleries and museums who have portrayed him within various paintings and artworks.

Now that Bernie himself has embraced the meme, put a picture of himself kitted out for cold weather on a sweatshirt which then sold out fast and donated the proceeds to feed low income senior citizens in Vermont - see Sanders hopes nation smitten by his mittens will back food charity push - I'm happy to write about it.

Bernie Sanders sweatshirt
Chairman Sanders crewneck on his campaign store
100% of proceeds go toward Meals on Wheels Vermont
The art galleries and museums could also
  • work with Bernie sanders to do likewise and
  • sell sweatshirts of the Bernie meme to benefit those who need to use food banks at this very difficult time. 
Hence this post - suggesting just that......

In the meantime, here are a lot of rather inventive creations of
  • art curators and social media employees of various art galleries and museums
  • or highlighted by those art galleries and museums!
  • their visitors
  • various artists 
How about it museums and art galleries - and artists? 
How about giving some support for those who can't afford to eat right now?

Museum of Modern Art 

But he's getting around the museum and popping up all over the place and creating new art

The Phillips Collection

The Ashmolean Museum really got into the swing of it - there are four more!

The Hopper House celebrated Nighthawks 79th birthday with a visit from Bernie

(Edward Hopper House is the birthplace and childhood home of Edward Hopper, now a non-profit art center showing early Hopper work and contemporary art.)

This one travelled from the New South Wales Gallery in Australia


This one focuses on Washington crossing the Delaware

This one has him featuring in the Bayeux Tapestry 

David J Wright is a Lecturer in Classics and seems to have taken to meme-making 

this is from the National Galleries of Scotland

IKEA's advertising agency always comes up with riffs on popular images

(see Ikea muscles in on the Bernie Sanders meme with a ‘get the look’ ad). They too could donate proceeds to the hungry.....

but my favourite is this one by @madhattercreatonsny

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