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Call for Entries: Jackson's Painting Prize 2021

This post looks at Jackson’s Painting Prize 2021
  • who can enter
  • what sort of artwork you can enter
  • why enter
  • how to enter (registration / timeline / digital images etc) 
The deadline for entries is 2nd March 2020 (5pm).
Jackson’s Painting Prize exists to recognise and appreciate original, 2-dimensional fine art works in any painting or drawing media.

So that's a painting prize in any drawing media? How about calling it an art prize?


Call for Entries for Jackson's Painting Prize

Who can enter

Any artist can enter this competition who is 
  • any age 
  • all abilities
  • any experience / educational qualifications 
  • who lives anywhere in the world
(but you or an immediate family member cannot be an employee of Jackson’s Art Supplies)
Jackson’s Painting Prize is open internationally to all artists of all abilities and at all ages.

What sort of artwork can you enter

Bear in mind this competition calls itself a PAINTING PRIZE but also allows drawing media!

You can submit up to 5 paintings

You can submit a collaborative artwork - but MUST make this clear on the entry form

Artworks for the competition MUST be:
  • submitted by the artist who created it (i.e. no entries by your gallery, your best friend or your mother who thinks your painting is wonderful!)
  • like the digital photo submission
  • your own intellectual property. i.e. do NOT submit any artwork that
    • either directly copies other people’s work (this does not include artistic interpretations)
    • or works that are made from a tutorial.
We take each submission and the information regarding it in good faith. We will not conduct any background checks unless we believe there are grounds for disqualification or we have been alerted by an additional party. Disclaimer
TIP: Don't be silly. I've alerted competitions before now when I know an artwork has copied the work of other people - and I know others have done so too.  Being selected is not the same as being hung - if your artwork does not meet the rules. I've known prizewinners lose prizes - and nobody needs public humiliation - so just stick to the rules and you'll be OK.

What's NOT eligible for entry to the competition

The following are not eligible for selection - even if you enter them
  • Media: Printmaking, pure photography, computer generated or manipulated artwork and 3D sculptural works 
  • Content: Drawings or paintings of an inappropriate or offensive subject matter will be removed from the competition.
  • Prizewinners: artwork that has previously won a major competition
  • Exhibited work: artwork that has been extensively exhibited in any established galleries.
  • Sold: artwork that has been sold i.e. you must have access to the original / it must be in your possession
Jackson’s Art Supplies may ask for 
  • artworks to be sent for further inspection and consideration before or outside of longlist / shortlist / prize winning selection. 
  • a physical viewing of the winning work to be available for viewing which MUST be like the digital photo submission.
  • a photograph of you standing next to your painting.
If you want to gauge whether or not your artwork is suitable for this painting competition......

Shortlisted works in previous years

You can view the artworks listed for prizes in previous years of this painting competition on the following pages - plus those which were shortlisted on the following links
You can also see shortlisted entries on their Instagram account for the competition

Why enter?

  • First of all the prizes - which are much better than most open exhibitions by national art societies
    • Overall Winner £6,000
    • Emerging Artist Award: £1,000
    • People's Choice Award: £500
    • NEW Outstanding Watercolour Award £500
    • Category Winners: £500 x 6
      • Animal
      • Portrait / Figure
      • Landscape / Cityscape / Seascape
      • Still Life / Botanical
      • Abstract / Non-representational
      • Scenes of Everyday Life
TIP: Last year The Jackson's Painting Prize received 5,634 entries. Jacksons then created a longlist which comprised 445 artworks - which were split across the categories as follows - which by implication means the competition is stiffer for some category prizes compared to others.

  • IF YOU ARE SHORTLISTED (AND you live in the UK) you will have the chance of submitting your work to the Affordable Art Fair Hampstead (30 April - 3 May 2020).
    • The Affordable Art Fair team make the final selection.
    • the maximum size of artwork that can be hung at the Art Fair is 1.2metres
    • any artwork sent to be hung in the art fair must be ready to hang in an exhibition
  • there's also the marketing that Jackson's does for its exhibition and the artists that get selected.
    • I only associate my name with companies that I like and have time for and Jackson's Art Materials is one of those (and I was a Judge for the 2020 competition last year!)
    • Jackson's also has one of the very best art materials blogs going and a sound social media presence online.

How to enter

You need to pay attention to:
  • registration (form filling)
  • the timeline for submissions, announcements and the exhibition
  • the various detailed requirements listed in


You must register in order to submit an entry.

You can register to enter BEFORE the the exhibition opens for entries.

The user profile you need for the competition registration MUST be different to that you use for any account you may have with Jacksons.


  • Submission opened 1st December 2020
  • Submission closes 2nd March 2021 (5pm)
  • Longlist announced: 17th March 2021
  • Shortlist announced: 31st March 2021
  • Voting for the People's Choice starts: 31st March 2021 (and closes on 13th April 2021)
Announcement of Prizewinners
  • People's Choice prizewinner: 14th April 2021
  • Outstanding Watercolour Award Winner announced: 15th April 2021
  • Six Category Winners announced 16th April 2021
  • Emerging Artist Award: 20th April 2021
  • Packson's Painting Prize Winner announced: 21st April 2021
The Exhibition at Affordable Art Fair Hampstead has been postponed to the Autumn 2021

Digital images

Entry is via a digital entry - and there's a lot you need to consider before taking the photograph and submitting the image.
  • The maximum jpeg file size is 3MB.
  • Images of artwork must be at least 1000px wide (with a resolution of at least 72px per inch).
  • Please ensure that your image is the correct way up before submitting.
  • Artwork with a copyright stamp or watermark on it will NOT be accepted.
  • The image of the artwork should be
    • a clear, high quality photograph
    • it must NOT show any unnecessary or irrelevant content, such as frames, mounts, walls, tables or any other kind of background.
  • The image should be
    • an accurate representation of the art work,
    • taken in bright natural light,
    • as well as being of a high resolution for reproduction online.
TIP: Excellent and accurate digital images help an artwork succeed - and poor ones mean it'll become a casualty of the first sift before the Judges see the longlist of selected artworks. It's worth putting the effort in to get a very accurate good quality image.

Affordable Art Fair

  • all work submitted must be for sale
  • the maximum price i £6,000

The Judges

The Judges for the Jacksons Painting Prize 2021 are listed below and the profiles are on the website (click the website pic of the Judge):

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