Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Florum 2015 - Nopal de Cerro (Opuntia lasiacantha)

I'm slightly preoccupied at the moment - getting my artwork scanned and into frames for tomorrow's submission to Florum!

The exhibition is open to the public at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve from 12th - 19th September. It includes artwork by a fantastic range of invited artists.

This is one of my artworks - my version of 'Nopal de Cerro (Opuntia lasiacantha)' which is a member of the Prickly Pear family. I am a convert to Canson Bristol Drawing Paper 250gsm!

Nopal de Cerro (Opuntia lasiacantha)
by Katherine Tyrrell
coloured pencils on Bristol Board 8" x 8"
The exhibition is not strictly botanical although a lot of artists are botanical artists.

Fans of Billy Showell will enjoy seeing her watercolour painting of vegetables
Billy Showell
while those who prefer prints will also find a range of artists producing fine art prints

Lime and Grey Allium by Tessa Pearson

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