Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mobile Browsing: From Serif to Sans Serif

I've just updated the font I use for text on this blog - and moved from Georgia (which is a Serif font I like) to a Sans Serif font (PT Sans 14 px)

The thing is - when both Apple and Google are using Sans Serif fonts because of the rise in viewing via mobile devices it seems sensible to do the same.

The PT Sans font from Google Fonts

The rationale for using a sans serif font for browsing via mobile devices is that:

  • Sans Serif fonts render more easily and accurately and 
  • hence make reading on a mobile device much easier.

The mobile version of my blog had always rendered in Sans Serif on my iPhone - but it still rendered in Georgia on my iPad and - after a little bit of testing - I agreed that it worked better on my iPad in a sans serif font - particularly the side column text.

I only have access to the Google Fonts on Blogger so had to choose from what was available. If they'd had the new Google font I would have gone with that!

I also realised that both my new websites have sans serif fonts - and it took all of 10 seconds to decide to try the experiment - and another 10 seconds to decide to implement the change - so they now all use the same sans serif font i.e. PT Sans

So that's why the text in today's version of Making A Mark looks a bit different to yesterday's!

More information about Fonts

and finally...

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