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Who's made a mark in art? September 2014

POLL: Should people be able to photograph art in galleries & museums?Right click to see a larger version
Nearly 50% of the respondent's to last month's POLL: Photography in Art Galleries and Museums think that photography in art galleries and museums should be allowed, although 22% think this should be on the basis that no flash is allowed.

You can see the results in detail if you click the image above. Some 28% of respondents did not think photography should be permitted. While 8% think it's simply impractical to prevent photography given the wide usage of mobile devices and 8% would like to have camera free days.

Have you photographed artwork in art galleries and museums?

You can see this month's poll in the side column - see What's the payoff for a degree in art? (Plus a new POLL)


Drawing and Sketching

  • Four artists from Urban Sketchers in the UK - Adebanji Alade, Andrea Joseph, James Hobbs and Olha Prymakk - were featured in a Huffington Post article Urban Sketchers at Covent Garden (and How to Become One) about an urban sketching initiative in Covent Garden - the Moleskine City Stories initiative
  • The names of the winners of two major Drawing prizes were announced this week - see the Art Competition section below. Both were 'different' and at least one was very controversial.
  • I got a little distracted taking photos yesterday when I spotted the book by James Hobbs - that contains a profile of me - displayed on the bookstand at the Mall Galleries (excellent small bookshop BTW!). It just happened to open at my profile page. OK I might have helped it a little bit....... (James tells me it's now been translated into German!)
My profile in Sketch Your World by James Hobbs



  • Watch out for the name Ramona Zoladek - see the competition section below. This young Polish born artist who came to live in the UK seven years ago is very definitely one to watch! Her Tumblr blog is a delight to view

Art on Television / Art Videos

Who painted this? 

  • Who painted this? #62 - I've added a tip into the post.  The clue is you're looking for an artist who is trying to paint like another artist......

Art Competitions

Birds in Art 2014

BP Portrait Award 2015

Derwent Art Prize 2014

The CEO of Derwent introduces the Awards Ceremony for the Derwent Art Prize
A view of the Derwent Art Prize Exhibition at the Mall Galleries

ING Discerning Eye 2014

Jerwood Drawing Prize 2014

A sound piece, a 75-second description of a Roman pot, wins a prestigious prize for drawing for the first time in its 20-year history.
    • A total of 51 works by 46 artists are on display in the exhibition which I've not yet visited. 
    • Oddly, apart from the BBC piece, the awards got very little coverage in the press. 

Sunday Times Watercolour Competition

Kathryn Maple with her painting 'Fatboys Diner' 
which won her the 
£10,000 Sunday Times Watercolour Prize

Threadneedle Prize

  • Tomrrow I'll be reviewing the six finalists in line for the £20,000 Prize
  • and then on Tuesday I'll be going to the Awards Dinner to hear who has won the big prize!
  • The exhibition opens on Thursday 25th - at which point people will start voting for the Visitor's Choice Award.

Wildlife Artist of the Year 2015

Woon Art Prize 2014

  • This has NOT been on my radar but will be in future! The Woon Foundation Painting and Sculpture Art Prize is a fine art prize is open to students currently in the final year of their undergraduate study. 
    • The first prize - won by Ramona Zoladek (blog) a final year BA (Hons) Fine Art students at Cambridge School of Art at Anglia Ruskin University - is a bursary of £20,000 which funds the costs of the Fellowship at the BxNU Institute for Contemporary Art at BALTIC 39. The winner also gets a dedicated space and critical and professional development support from a mentor.  
Winner of the £20,000 Woon Foundation Painting and Sculpture Art Prize
Ramona Zoladek and Mr Woon with her prizewinning artwork

photo courtesy of Anglia Ruskin University
Ramona also won the the £2,000 Dr Supanee Gazeley Fine Art Prize in June, which is awarded to the best Fine Art work on display at the annual Degree Show at Anglia Ruskin University. Watch out for the name Ramona Zoladek!

Art Exhibitions

Major exhibitions in London

Three of my drawings

Art Societies / Art Groups

Art Education

Tips and Techniques - Botanical Art

Art Business & Marketing

If you get in the habit of always asking the question “where is the cash flow, where is the profit” your mind will find solutions to get you paid properly for every product, event, project or commission. 

Art Materials & Supplies


Art websites

  • Have you taken a look at Google Open Gallery yet? It's a simple and free way of having an online exhibition of your artwork. An introduction to Google Open Gallery - resulted in an invite to me to try out how this new system works. 
  • For techie artists with websites and stats - Statcounter is now on iTunes - however it's set up for use on an iPhone rather than an iPad and I think they need to rethink some of the design issues - like the shouting caps on login.


  • I use Wordle for the new word image on my Facebook Page - maybe this too counts as drawing? I input the labels for my blog posts and it then calculates the size of the words by the frequency with which the label is used. 
A wordle view of my blog post labels on Making A Mark

and finally......

Nearly 200 of my information websites transferred from Squidoo to HubPages earlier this month.  That basically means I've got a lot of new stuff to learn and a lot of work to do.

Some of the sites are now looking a bit of a mess at the moment due to the "wall of text problem" (ie no formatting) and missing links to related websites. I'm working through them slowly - while being very thankful that HubPages have given all those whose sites have transferred four months to get their sites sorted and up to scratch so they fit into the new criteria for what's allowed.

I'll be posting the bookmark compendium sites in the side column once they're sorted.

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Tina Mammoser said...

HUGE Bravo to Mr Woon! Wonderful to see an individual patron really supporting new artists.

And I must use your BBC list to catch up on iPlayer this week, have 3 days to mooch around the studio before I head to Manchester for the art fair. (thanks for including my post too! I hope everyone find the list of fairs useful.)

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