Saturday, September 06, 2014

Three very green drawings and two Scottish art exhibitions

three of my drawings at Florum
I went to the Florum Private View last night - and got to see my artwork hanging in the exhibition.

I'm there again tomorrow - stewarding from 10am to 5pm - and hope to meet with lots of people who come to see the show which has some excellent work.

I'll also be doing a review and trying to do a video of the works tomorrow.

Right now I'm absolutely brain dead with trying to sort the show last week and managing the transfer of my information websites right now (which has started and thankfully it's less problematical than I thought it might be - but still a lot of work to check everything). I'm sleeping very soundly but not long enough!

Two exhibitions in Edinburgh and Glasgow

I'd like to highlight another couple of shows which have also recently opened:
  • the Edinburgh Society of Botanical Artists are exhibiting their work at Gallery Seventeen, 17 Dundas Street, Edinburgh until 14th September. It's a lovely looking space and the artwork in the exhibition looks excellent too - you can see a folder of photos on the ESBA Facebook Page. ESBA is the alumni association of graduates of the Rpyal Botanical garden Edinburgh's Botanical Illustration diploma course. Sharon Tingey, one of the tutors on the course, reports three out of her four sunflower paintings sold last night at the Private View. Sharon achieved an RHS Gold Medal for her paintings of sunflowers this summer - see Interviews with RHS Gold Medal Winners  - and also has contributed to my new book about drawing and sketching! 
  • Jane Gardiner (Glasgow Painter) is having her first solo exhibition of her figurative paintings with a difference at the Mansfield Park Gallery in Glasgow (141 Hyndland Rd, Glasgow G12 9JA) until 14th September. I love Jane's paintings - they are so much more interesting than a lot of figurative art I see.  Plus she's an excellent painter!
Paintings by Jane Gardiner - currently showing at the Mansfield Park Gallery


  1. How great your drawings look! They really come forth in the frames in the frames you choose. It is so important with frames, I have seen some really beautiful botanical art just let down by the wrong( in my view) choice of frames- dark and heavy. So much better vwith the natural wood, letting the art speak for itself!
    I do have to agree with what you wrote what earlier visitors to your exhibitions said, that after seeing your work ( fo my part alas only on the web, not in person) I now look much more closely at succulents and cactii. Their pattern is truly interesting and I can easily understand why you find them fascinatibg to draw ( or do you say "paint" when it comes to coloured pencils, like pastel painting ?). I whish you good luck with the exhibition!

  2. Thanks for your comment

    One of the ladies who visited this afternoon said she felt like stroking the furry one at the bottom! I like those sort of comments! :)

  3. A post full of the best art - thank you very much.

  4. The drawings look stunning! I hope that whoever buys them will buy all of them. They are such eloquent variations on a theme and tell that story powerfully as a trio.
    Congratulations, Katherine.
    Now get some rest!

  5. These look even better close up! No wonder people feel they want to touch them.

    Good luck with the migration, scary stuff!
    Hope you catch up on sleep soon.


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