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Wildlife Artist of the Year 2015 - Call for Entries

The Wildlife Artist of the Year 2015 art competition has issued its call for entries. This is its 8th year and the competition is now accepting submissions until February 13th 2015 for its annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries.

Flyer for the Wildlife Artist of the Year 2015
This is a well known and reputable art competition run by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. Its purpose is to raise funds for save endangered wildlife. It is a competition which attracts entries from both well-known professional wildlife artists and newcomers and amateurs. Emerging artists aged between 17 and 25 years old get a category all to themselves!

The competition culminates in a very popular week long exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London between 29th June - 4th July 2015. All profits are donated to support wildlife conservation.
Every year the competition gets better and better and the amount we raise to save endangered wildlife increases. It is such a thrill for me to know that so many share my passion for art and for wildlife.
David Shepherd CBE

Categories for entries

Below are the formal categories for entries. Note in particular that, apart from the wildlife portrait categories all artwork can include can include landscapes, flora & fauna.

There's also a special plea from the website to remember not to forget British Wildlife.  It doesn't all have to be wildlife on dusty plains in Africa!
  • Endangered Wildlife – threatened on endangered (as determined by the current IUCN Red List see
  • Wildlife in 3D – sculpture in any medium
  • Wildlife in Monochrome – in tones of any one colour
  • Wildlife Portraits – where any wild animal(s) features as the main focus
  • Wild World – any scene or landscape showing the natural environment
  • Original Prints – drawn from one or several plates, conceived and executed entirely by hand by the same artist*  Check the website for the very precise definition of a print.
  • Contemporary Wildlife – challenging traditional boundaries
  • Young & Wild – open to 17-25 year olds covering all the above categories
  • Silver Artist – open to over 60 year olds covering all the above categories
You can view the artwork selected for exhibition in 2014


The Winner gets a very significant cash prize
  • Overall Winner £10,000 cash prize and title 'Wildlife Artist of the Year 2015'
  • Overall Runner-Up £1,000 cash prize.
  • Remaining Category Winners £500 each.

These were the prizewinners in 2014. Click the link in the title to see the artwork. Click the link in the name to see more artwork by this wildlife artist
You can see all the winning artworks in this article by The Guradian

Deadlines for entries

The closing date is 13th February 2015

Who can submit?

This is an international open competition. It regularly attracts entries from overseas. Entry is open to eligible submissions from:
  • both amateur and professional artists. No distinction is made in the judging for the relative status of the artist.
  • artists aged 17 years or over (ie 17 years of age by the closing date – 13th February 2015).

What can you submit?

These are the terms and conditions for entries

You can submit:
  • work completed within the last five years by the entrant
  • original work 
  • multiple entries
  • any medium except photography and film
NOTE that artists using exact reference from another professional artist or photographer MUST have prior written permission from the copyright owner. Source material and proof of permission to use MUST be made available on request by the judges.

You CANNOT submit: work completed before 13th February 2010 is ineligible for entry and cannot be submitted
  • Work which is not original to the artist
  • work which has been sold - either before entry or before the exhibition. The whole purpose of the exhibition is to raise fund to help protect endangered wildlife
  • photographs, video or electronic images - they will all be disqualified

How do you submit

Entry is online or via the post.  Your artwork should be submitted as a JPEG digital image via the digital entry form or should be burned to a CD. They recommend
  • a minimum resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels
  • a file size not exceeding 6MB.
  • all files must have an easily identifiable name eg your surname followed by title of art artwork

What does it cost to enter

There are three price levels for entries
  • Entry for DSWF members is £10 
  • Entry for all others £25 per entry except the young and old (see next line)
  • Entry for the Young & Wild ((17 – 25 year olds) and Silver Artist (over 60s) categories is also £10 

More about Wildlife Artist of the Year in previous years

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