Thursday, September 04, 2014

An introduction to Google Open Gallery

I read a post on James Gurney's blog today about a new Google product called Google Open Gallery. So naturally I decided to find out more about it!

Screenshot from Google Open Gallery webpage

To  start with.....

Google Open Gallery helps you to create a beautiful experience for people to view your collection, at the click of a button. We’ll host your content and give you access to our technology at no cost to you or your organisation. It’s pretty simple—just upload images, add video, Street View imagery and text, interweaving your story among the images to create an exhibition that will truly engage your visitors.
  • Plus it's FREE
  • at the bottom of the Google Open Gallery Home Page you can see examples of how the technology has been used by smaller galleries and museums - for example
  • You can request an invite to get started. You get an email when your account is ready. Don't do what I did and hit the send button inadvertently before I notified which websites I intended to link to the account!

Information about Google Open Gallery

I only found out about it today so I'm not providing any advice - only links to more information and some commentary

Information from Google

Here's some links to get you started:
Anyone, including individual artists and collectors, galleries and museums, and any organisation with an archive they want to share, can use Google Open Gallery

Comments by journals and blogs

A limited number of journals have commented on this. I think maybe a lot of people missed it as it emerged in the run-up to Christmas.
There's still an element of curation, of course, as any individual, gallery, museum et al wanting to populate their own multimedia exhibition needs to hit up Google for an invite.
It’s probably something any professional photographer or artist should at the very least take a look at, as it requires no programming knowledge and can create some beautiful, immersive virtual tours.
Despite looking like the love child of Flickr and Behance, Open Gallery does have a clean, put-together feel.
I put together an exhibition of 20 of my plein-air casein studies, accompanied by 14 videos and 4 audio captures. To get the full experience, please follow this link to the James Gurney Casein Exhibit on Google Open Gallery.

What does it all mean?

One comment - and some questions - rather than answers

The comment

We're all going to have to get much better at photography if we're happy to use the facility and engage with the zoom!

The questions

  • Who will engage with this webware - will it be the smaller niche focused galleries? How will artists respond?
  • Does this mean there's now no excuse for artists not to have a website?
  • Will artists switch from paid sites to this option?
  • Can we now expect many more art societies, art competitions and art exhibitions to have virtual online exhibitions?
  • Do artists need to clarity exactly what people will do with their art when submitted to a gallery or juried/open competition or exhibition?
  • How will we ever know what's on there?

Do you have a question?