Friday, March 21, 2014

Stunning sculpture in Transcending Boundaries

If you'd like to see some absolutely fabulous sculpture, get down to the Mall Galleries and visit the Transcending Boundaries Exhibition 2014. It's an exhibition of contemporary art by leading West African artists - and the sculpture is just stunning. The exhibition closes on 22 March at 3pm.

The artist I'd like to single out is Bunmi Babatunde - absolutely amazing work. So simple and so full of movement at the same time.

Possibilities V by Bunmi BabatundeFibreglass
This one really needed a white wall behind it.

Paddler by Bunmi Babatunde
Ebony Wood
Bata Dancer by Bunmi Babatunde
Other very good sculptures I saw were by Reuben Ugbine and Fidelis Odogwu. Both had very distinctive styles and produced sculpture with presence and impact.

Sculpture by Reuben Ugbine, Bunmi Babatunde and Fidelis Odogwu

I also liked the colours in the painting by Sam Ovraiti, a prominent Nigerian artist who has an obvious fascination with colour.

The Colour and Spirit of Dance (crop) by Sam Ovraiti


  1. Thanks so much for this review! Just loved reading the whole thing!!

  2. I'm afraid this was a "quickie" for me but better than nothing!


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