Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Catherine Davison wins £15,000 Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize 2014

Scottish artist Catherine Davison has won the 9th Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize with a stunning painting of Edinburgh.  I first saw her watercolour paintings of Edinburgh in the exhibition for the 2012 Sunday Times Watercolour Competition. I commented in my review (which includes her painting of the exact same view in pen and ink and watercolour)
Being a big fan of "views" paintings and the use of pen and ink I absolutely loved the two paintings by Catharine Davison whose work I've never seen before. I'm going to be taking a long slow wander around her website.
Winner of the Lynn Painter-Stainer Prize - First Prize (£15,000 and engraved Gold Medal) 
The Craggs at Dawn (from Carlton Hill)
Catherine Davison
Winner of the Young Artist Award
by Charlie Schaffer

Other prizewinners

The competition encourages creative representational painting and promotes the skill of draftsmanship.

The Young Artist Award of £2,500 has been awarded to University of Brighton student, Charlie Schaffer, for his work, Antonio.

Five Runner-up prizes of £1,500 each were awarded to:

The exhibition

The 2014 exhibition can be seen at the Mall Galleries this week until Sunday 22nd March.  I'm not sure when I'm getting to it but having seen the images of selected works online I'm definitely going to pay a visit - book or no book! (TIP: Such is the power of the online virtual exhibition - it actually generates traffic if you've got a good selection!)

The exhibition comprises of 85 drawings and paintings  by 78 artists.

Now in its ninth year, the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize is a

I don't know what they did to the selection of judges this year but they've come up trumps with an excellent selection! The judges were:
  • Peter ClossickArtist; 
  • Ken Howard OBE RA NEACArtist
  • Paul NewlandArtist
  • Steve Pill, Editor Artists and Illustrators magazine; 
  • and Andrew WiltonVisiting Research Fellow at Tate Britain.
2014 selector, Steve Pill shares his thoughts on the selection of the exhibition
I was keen to try and view each work from the perspective of a wider audience. The two stated aims of the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize are to encourage creative representational painting and promote the skill of draughtsmanship, so I often asked myself: would we be fulfilling that promise by including this work? Would a visitor expecting these qualities be truly satisfied by every painting we chose? I hope you’ll agree that we have stayed true to those principles and selected a collection of work that really celebrates the vitality, diversity and skill of contemporary representational painting in the UK today.

Selected Artists

The selected artists are as follows (I'll try and get back and add in the links from their names to their websites over the course of this week on "book breaks")
Interior of Grand Central Station - New York
Charcoal, 118 x 154cm £3,600
Jeanette Barnes

  • Peter Archer
  • Debbie Ayles
  • Louise Balaam NEAC RWA
  • Paul Banning
  • Jeanette Barnes
  • Edward Beale
  • Timothy Betjeman
  • James Bland
  • Rupert W Brooks
  • Peter Brown
  • John Cahill
  • Patricia Cain NEAC PS RGI PhD
  • David Caldwell
  • Samantha Cary
  • Rosalind Chapman
  • David Cobley RP RWA NEAC
  • Annabel Cullen
  • Patrick Cullen
  • Catharine Davison
  • Kerry Fairclough
  • Graham Flack MFA
  • Peter Fleming
  • Laura Footes
  • Tim Goffe
  • Naomi Grant
  • Joyce Gunn Cairns
  • Frances Gynn
  • John Hainsworth
  • Ian Hargreaves
  • Frances Hatch
  • Emma Haworth
  • Chrissy Hazell
  • Julie Held
  • Eileen Hogan
  • Benjamin Hope
  • Tom Hughes
  • Timothy Hyman
  • Peter Kelly NEAC RBA
  • Yuichiro Kikuma
  • Charlotte Knox
  • Henry Kondracki
  • Karen Laird
  • Mark Lawrence
  • Susan Ligget
  • Jason Line
  • Kathryn Maple
  • Gordon McDowall
  • Andrew McIntosh
  • Paul McLoughlin
  • Christopher Miers RBA
  • Sarah Jane Moon
  • Bridget Moore
  • Alexander Pemberton
  • Cherry Pickles
  • David Piddock
  • Amelia Power
  • Colleen Quill
  • Stuart Robertson RWS
  • Keith Robinson
  • Alex Rooney
  • Serena Rowe
  • George Rowlett
  • Charlie Schaffer
  • Melissa Scott-Miller
  • Jenny Smith
  • Sarah Spencer NEAC
  • David Statter
  • A Lincoln Taber
  • David Tebbs
  • Stephanie Theobald
  • Simon Turvey
  • David Weekes
  • Alan Welsford
  • Charles Williams
  • Neale Worley
  • Robbie Wraith
  • Craig Wylie
  • Dawei Zhang

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