Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Audiences for Art - and how to engage them

Some of you may recall Grayson Perry's Reith lectures where he referenced audiences for the Arts. The one that stuck in my mind was "Fun, Fashion and Friends".

I've now discovered the document from which this came.  It's a report called "Arts audiences: insight". You can download the report for free:
According to the Arts Council, it provides
an arts-based segmentation of English adults
Each of the market segments are analysed according to their behavioural habits and interest in the arts.

The market segments are listed below. The links in the titles are to the pages online where you can read more about them

Urban Arts Eclectic
Retired culture vulture

Highly engaged

Some engagement

Retired arts and crafts 

Not currently engaged

Looks like I'm a traditional culture vulture with significant elements of Mature explorer and leanings towards "Urban arts eclectic" and "retired arts and crafts"

Key findings

The analysis identified 13 distinct arts consumer segments among English adults. The percentages show the estimated proportion of English adults in each segment.

Highly engaged

Urban arts eclectic

Traditional culture vultures


Some engagement

Fun, fashion and friends

Bedroom DJs


Mature explorers

Mid-life hobbyists


Dinner and a show

Retired arts and crafts


Family and community


Not Currently engaged

Time-poor dreamers

Older and home-bound


A quiet pint with the match

Limited means, nothing fancy
Why not have a read (it's not long) and:
  • check out  the audience likely to buy your art - and what they do, read, think, behave
  • then work out what you are most like!
It certainly tells you something about where those you are most likely to buy your art might be looking for it!  It also tells both B&M art galleries how they should be targeting their market segments

The report indicates that
artists and arts organisations we have spoken to about this research so far have said that they might use it to:
  • increase collective knowledge about how people in England engage with the arts – putting individual projects into context 
  • develop potential new strategies for increasing arts engagement and expanding audiences 
  • inform the marketing of existing arts opportunities

There is more information
If you want to know more about a particular segment, please go to www.artscouncil.org.uk/audienceinsight, where you can find: 
  • online versions of the segment descriptions 
  • tables with more detailed Taking Part survey data on the segment’s sociodemographic profile, arts attendance and participation patterns and engagement with other cultural sectors and sport sectors 
  • suggestions on how this research might be used 
  • a technical note with further information on the analytical methodology 
  • a comprehensive question and answer section 
  • an online quiz where you can identify which segment you fall into 
This is the link to the online quiz which tells you which group you actually belong to.

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