Monday, March 03, 2014

Recommended read - The things we think but do not say

This is a recommended read.  

The Things We Think and Do Not Say, or Why the Art World is in Trouble by Stephen Zevitas Huffington Post) is a very long and complex argument for why major problems exist at present in the art market/world.  In my view, it's making a lot of very sound comments about the art market/economy as distinct from the art world.

It's about time we started applying some of the proper rules of commodity valuation to the type of overhyped art which attracts silly prices.

It's about time we made publicly funded art galleries and museums accountable for the deals done with art dealers so that major art galleries and museums can put on exhibitions which increase the net worth of particular art collectors.

What would happen if the shoe were on the other foot and the collectors had to bid to get shown by prestigious museums and art galleries - so as to enhance the value of their asset?

I, for one, value my integrity and shall continue to be an independent voice. I shall go on identifying the artists I like and saying what I think about exhibitions I see.

Discuss - after you have read the article!


  1. Mmmmm.... a Gerry Maguire moment indeed. Personally, I've felt like this for some time - I have always considered it be an obscenity that Vincent Van Gogh for example, never sold a painting in his life, yet his work has become the ultimate commodity.
    It's all too often about power, money and the Emperor's new clothes.


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