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2nd March - Who's made a mark in 2014?

The book has taken over - and I'm not going to be doing a lot of blogging in March other than the odd review and some quickies.

Here then is a round up of the year so far on my blog and my Facebook Page (for those who don't subscribe) - and then I'm going to go very quiet........

Making A Mark - in January and February 2014

Plus Making A Mark (the blog) also earned itself a "Major Timesink Warning" from Charley Parker over at Lines and Colors.

Making A Mark on Facebook - in January and February 2014

These are all the posts on Facebook which were not highlighting my blog posts. I've ordered them according to type of topic

Art as therapy

An interesting Guardian article - Alain de Botton's guide to art as therapy Can visual art offer solace, hope and reassurance as music can? Alain de Botton chooses the works that make him feel less alone


World’s richest artist admits he uses his children’s ideas for his own art, saying young can produce “much better” work than adults due to lack of fear
We shouldn't tar Hockney with the brush of 'greatness'. His work is more clever and passionate than these deadening labels allow
  • This is a trailer video Oil Sketches DVD by Peter Brown by  of Pete "the street" Brown - whose work can be seen in rather a lot of the Annual Exhibitions of national art societies at the Mall Galleries in London. You can also read about him in the Feb.2014 edition ofArtists And Illustrators Magazine
  • I really rate the work of Liz Charsley-Jory. I highlighted her work twice in my reviews of the 2010 and the 2012 Annual Exhibitions by the Pastel Society. You can see more of her work on and at an exhibition in London - Wandering off the trail. The latter is an assembly of drawings done while she was the Canadian Artist in residence at the Dulwich Picture Gallery.

Art Books

  • Guess what's in my selection of the 20 top new books about drawing in 2013? The selection was revised as the year went on and you can see what made it in 20 NEW Books about Drawing in 2013
  • Thomas Thorspecken - author and illustrator of Analog Artist Digital World is also the author of a new book Urban Sketching - a complete guide - was published last month and a copy has been sent to me for review.  The focus of the book is one the nuts and bolts of drawing and sketching as applied to sketching urban scenes. It's an intensely colourful book which is chock-full of useful information. It also showcases sketches by a variety of international urban sketchers.  It's particularly fascinating for me given I'm writing a similar type of book but with a wider remit as to subject matter.   Once I've finished my book (by the end of this month) I'm going to review it back to back with James Hobbs' Sketch Your World as they are both books about the same topic although they look very different.

Art for Children

Art Business and Marketing 

Art Collectors and Art Economy

The international art market is having its time in the sun: auction records keep tumbling, living artists have become superstars, and their punchy paintings and shiny sculptures have become the billionaire’s playthings of choice.

Art Competitions

Art Exhibitions

  • "The Weather Series" of six lithographs by David Hockney - part of the Hockney, printmaker exhibition now on at Dulwich Picture Gallery until 11 May 2014. It's a wonderful exhibition which comes highly recommended by me — at Dulwich Picture Gallery

Art Galleries and Museums

Watercolour Hub on the V&A website
  • The Ruskin Collection - an e-museum, housed by the Museum of Sheffield, about John Ruskin’s many interests. Early renaissance art, gothic architecture, Albrecht Dürer and JMW Turner’s engravings, mosaic decoration, Japanese cloisonné enameling, illustrations of birds, flowers, insects and landscapes etc. 

Art History

Botanical Art

Drawing and Sketching

  • A new place to sketch at the RA on my travelsketchbook blog. The black sofas in the Friends Room at the Royal Academy are no more - however there is a new place to drink a cup of tea and sketch which doesn't involve the very hard seating in the room where the beloved black sofas used to be.

After Bellini (monotype)
© Ilaria Rosselli dely Turco


Women and Art

I have a feeling Jonathan Jones got a "Be more challenging and controversial" comment in his annual performance review.  Here's three recent articles on his Jonathan Jones On Art blog in the Guardian which I featured on Facebook.
  • I do like women artists who don't want to be the same as everybody else! That said Jonathan Jones does repeat some male-oriented perspectives in this piece The 10 most subversive women artists in history - which doesn't make them true! 
From the 17th-century painter who repeatedly depicted a woman beheading a man to the last great surrealist, Louise Bourgeois, here are 10 artists who took on the patriarchy and won
"The dust has settled on Young British Art. Some became rich. Some were forgotten. One or two proved to be real artists. And some became end-of-the-pier entertainers."

Jonathan Jones: Jenny Saville? A heroic mediocrity. Tracey Emin? Outshone by your average newspaper cartoonist. And art critics, like their literary counterparts, should be encouraged to say so

Art Materials and Resources for Artists

The third section of our four part series looks at what gives your paper its delightful colour, be that brilliant white or a slightly more muted shade.
  • Are you as fussy about fine art paper as I am? One of the things I enjoy about visiting independent art shops which specialise in fine art paper or travelling abroad is coming into contact with a lot of paper which isn't stocked by the larger suppliers. Enquire within....... Fine Art Paper & Vellum for Artists
Fine art paper and sketchbook resources for visual artists who draw, paint and/or print and calligraphers.

Techie Stuff

Google is rolling out changes to Gmail and Google+ that gives anyone using Gmail the ability to send you an email without knowing your email address. 

and finally....

I love this - and want to see more! Paintings of London by past Masters - including some of my favourite Canalettos - superimposed onto Google Street View

Famous 18th and 19th-century paintings of London are superimposed on to Google Street View screenshots for a fascinating collision

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