Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Packaging and posting artwork #2

Daffs #2
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
The front end of my 2008 post Packaging and posting artwork - relating to the mail and parcel people - has been updated for subsequent changes in their website links.

So mail and parcel links are now fresh (and Parcelforce which is very concerned about its backlinks will now get an email to this effect!  
[UPDATE 16th March 2015: They finally replied a year later!!!)

  • It's clear I need to do a bit more work on both this topic "post book".
  • if you review this VERY LONG post and find any of the extensive links about packaging are doolally, I'd very much appreciate it if could you let me know and I'll find the right one and update again.
Since the original post I also developed a website which has lots more information.  See How to pack, post and ship art - Resources for Artists


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