Sunday, February 16, 2014

Making A Mark - in January and February 2014

A visit to the Courtauld Gallery last week
I'm busier than usual at the moment due to trying to meet publisher's deadlines for my book which is due to be published in the UK and USA later this year.  I'm getting an occasional outing in - like a visit to the Courtauld Gallery last week.

Consequently "Who's made a mark this week" is currently suspended until after my publisher's deadline of 31 March.  Posts are also a bit more intermittent than usual and/or reference "golden oldies" from the last 8 years - there's two compendiums listed below! 

However I am also posting a lot more 'good art information' links on my Making A Mark Facebook Page.  :)

What follows are the my blog posts since the beginning of the year for any of you may have missed some or are accustomed to reading them once a week.

Art Business

Art Competitions

Call for Entries

Art Competitions

Chrys Allen with her winning entry re. the Inaugural Derwent Art Prize in 2013

Art Societies



Making A Mark

Top Lists

Who painted this?

Making A Mark Weekly Art Challenge: Identify a painting, who painted it & where it is now. Plus provide the best answer about the art & artist.  Includes the answer to the previous week. (Also listed in the page at the top of the blog)

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