Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ban kids from art museums vs. encourage learning opportunities

Following on from the recent "child climbs on very expensive sculpture" incident at the Tate, the Telegraph today published an article - Should children be banned from museums? - calling for a debate on whether or not children should be banned from museums.

Article in The Telegraph 18 February 2014
It stimulated quite a few comments on my Facebook Page when I posted the link to this article on Facebook

I also see that the article has today generated 208 Comments. (Somehow or other a sub-strand seems to have turned the debate into whether or not Tate Modern is really a museum!)

Are you persuaded by any of the pro or con arguments put forward for banning children from museums?

There's more than a few expressing a view - with which I very much concur - that parents should be taught how to behave when bringing their children to a museum. How about some classes for parents on how to visit a museum with children?

I also rather like the notion that parents should be liable for any damage their children cause.  Seems to me that could create quite an incentive to ensure that their children are properly supervised in all areas where artwork is not protected - or handed over to museum employees who might do the job of supervision rather better!

Learning Opportunities for Children and Families in London Museums

I do think it's a very great pity that more parents and families don't avail themselves of the wonderful education opportunities offered by most publicly funded art galleries and museums in London (ie you can't benefit from the tax exemptions unless you do actually educate!)

Below you will find links to the opportunities for children in the top art museums in London


Art Galleries and Museums

The original incident which led to the debate

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