Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tips for entering art competitions

View of the inaugural Derwent Art Prize Exhibition
for pencil art at the Mall Galleries
see The 2nd Derwent Art Prize - Call for Entries
Here's my blog post 20 tips for entering art competitions which I wrote three years ago.

However, in the last three years, art competitions have changed quite a bit in terms of:

  • NEW competitions - for example we now have a new competition for pencil art and the range of artwork submitted last year was amazing
  • an increase in prizes - top prizes seem to keep increasing. Even when shared, as happened last year with the Threadneedle Prize, they're still a significant sum
  • the nature of submissions - many more are now digital and depend on the quality of the image presented
  • the increase in submissions - more artists are beginning to realise that there are numerous art competitions which are open to international entries - and the international entry appears to be ever-increasing
  • the challenge of shipping artwork - to another part of the country or even another country. Communal courier arrangements have fluctuated within the UK. Elsewhere it's one thing to be able to enter a competition in another country.  It's still a major challenge to ship overseas especially if you've not done it before! However packaging is changing and improving all the time
What tips about entering art competitions have you learned in the last three years?
Pleas leave a comment below.

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