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Who painted this? #34

Who painted this? #34
Not your average subject matter! I have a feeling people will get identify this painting by recognising the style of painting and the palette - although I could be wrong.  I know the painter well but have never seen this image before today.

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Who Painted This #33 - The Answer

There's some debate about which boulevard is the right one so I'm not being 'picky' about that aspect of the answer.  This is the link to the pastel drawing titled Boulevard de Rochechouart by Camille Pissarro (which is the same painting) - the title being derived from an exhibition at The Frick.

Camille Pissarro’s Boulevard de Clichy, Effect of Winter Sunlight was shown in the sixth Impressionist exhibition of 1881

It was exhibited in 2008 as part of the exhibition The Art of the Pastel at the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute

Who guessed correct?

Who painted this? #33: Congratulations to collage artist Alyson Champ (The Chronicle of Wasted Time | Facebook) who was the first with the correct answer - albeit with the alternative attribution re which boulevard.

Others who also got it right - in order - are:

A copy of this painting along with a copy of Pissarro's Boulevard Montmartre Printemps hung over the Hifi when I was growing up. Looked at this painting for many years.

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  1. "In the Jungle, Florida"
    Winslow Homer
    Watercolour, gouache over graphite on paper

    13.9 X 19.7"
    Brooklyn Museum, NY

    I found it by searching for watercolour painting and jungle. Turned up a similar painting by Homer, which led me to this one on Wikipedia commomns.

  2. Who Painted This? #34

    Hello Katherine,

    Yes, I did recognise the style and the subject matter, Winslow Homer was fond of the dramatic nature of nature. I found it on Wikimedia Commons.
    Title: In the Jungle, Florida
    Painted: 1904
    Medium: Watercolour and graphite
    35.2 x 50 cm
    In the Brooklyn Museum

  3. Artist....Winslow Homer
    Title....In the jungle Florida
    Medium....Transparent watercolour with touches of opaque watercolour over graphite on an off - white moderately thick, moderatly textured wove paper
    Where it is ...Brooklyn Museum
    How I found it .. I thought i was never going to find this one, I searched with all the obvious words and found a Winslow Homer that seemed similar, searched him and still couldn`t find it . Went out ,looked again, still thought it was him, did a really careful search and then found it.
    Bernadette Madden

  4. Bernadette Madden again.....I thought you might be amused by this... I typed in" cougar climbing tree "when I was searching and the first image that came up was of a naked older lady sprawled across the branch of a tree!

  5. Winslow Homer
    In the Jungle, Florida. 1904
    Transparent watercolor with touches of opaque watercolor over graphite on off white moderately thick textured woven paper.

    Brooklyn Museum, USA

    I am getting old, knew who painted it, but sat trying to remember his name for ten minutes. Oh Well!

    Barbara Jackson

  6. Given the colours and obvious location, it had to be either Homer or Sargent. A quick search on google images turned up the answer
    Title - In the jungle florida
    Artist - Winslow Homer
    Date - 1904
    Media - watercolour
    Where it lives now - Brooklyn museum

  7. Given the colours and obvious location it could only be from either homer or sargent. A quick google image search revealed the following
    Artist Winslow Homer
    Title In the jungle Florida
    Date 1904
    Medium watercolour with touches of opaque watercolour over graphite
    Where it is now Brooklyn museum

  8. Oh dang it!
    I know this immediately... Winslow Homer of course, from a series in Florida, watercolor...
    I knew I should have checked this right after you posted. I know I won't be first!

    Ok... I'll still need to search for the exact tile and location.

    off I go...

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  10. On 7 July 2013 02:17, wrote:

    Well, I haven’t done too well guessing the “Who Painted this" so far, but here is my submission for #34:

    Title: In the Jungle, Florida
    Artist: Winslow Homer
    Date: 1904
    Media: transparent watercolor with touches of opaque
    Size 35.2x50 cm
    Residing currently at the Brooklyn Museum

    How did I know this? For 32 years I taught high school drawing and painting at San Clemente High in San Clemente CA.
    Every semester I would have the students present an art history unit at the end of the semester as part of their final exam.
    In my dual (and simultaneous) career as a professional artist, I was painting large-scale watercolors, and was always researching in books to study the works of the masters of watercolor.
    I loved the purity and “quirkiness” of Homers watercolors done in Florida, so different than the somber tones of his Adirondack pieces, of the marine and lifesaving pieces.
    I remember this both from my research and oral reports students created based on Homer’s watercolors.

    Apart from that, color and design, the reality of nature, the excellent drawing and sure bold technique give this away as a Winslow Homer watercolor.

    Thank you, Katherine—you yourself do a wonderful work on this blog, and I appreciate your drawings!

    Rick J. Delanty
    San Clemente , CA

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  12. Hi, Katherine - I actually knew this one right off: Winslow Homer. I think he painted it in the Everglades and I may have seen it in the show at the Chicago Art Institute in 2008 or maybe a library book. I love his paintings and I named my traveling bear (inspired by Liz Steel and tired of traveling alone) Winslow after the great painter. I try not to call him Winnie. Love your blog and good luck with the new glasses. I developed an epiretinal membrane in my left eye and it scrambles my vision a bit and I often just close it an use the right eye so I have a bit of an idea of how worrying it is to have ones vision messed up. But you have a great attitude and I know you will do well. Hope all is well and easier for you soon. Pat Wafer, Madison, Wi.

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