Friday, July 05, 2013

Who painted this? #34

Who painted this? #34
Not your average subject matter! I have a feeling people will get identify this painting by recognising the style of painting and the palette - although I could be wrong.  I know the painter well but have never seen this image before today.

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Who Painted This #33 - The Answer

There's some debate about which boulevard is the right one so I'm not being 'picky' about that aspect of the answer.  This is the link to the pastel drawing titled Boulevard de Rochechouart by Camille Pissarro (which is the same painting) - the title being derived from an exhibition at The Frick.

Camille Pissarro’s Boulevard de Clichy, Effect of Winter Sunlight was shown in the sixth Impressionist exhibition of 1881

It was exhibited in 2008 as part of the exhibition The Art of the Pastel at the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute

Who guessed correct?

Who painted this? #33: Congratulations to collage artist Alyson Champ (The Chronicle of Wasted Time | Facebook) who was the first with the correct answer - albeit with the alternative attribution re which boulevard.

Others who also got it right - in order - are:

A copy of this painting along with a copy of Pissarro's Boulevard Montmartre Printemps hung over the Hifi when I was growing up. Looked at this painting for many years.

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