Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sketching slideshow - iPhoto to slideshow to Quicktime Movie

Today I learned how to create a slideshow of a sketch I did yesterday when we visited the wonderful garden at Great Dixter in Kent.  I've already written about the visit on my Travels with a Sketchbook blog (see A step by step sketch of the Long Border at Great Dixter).

However I wanted to see if I could create a slideshow for this blog and Facebook of the step by step photos I took of the sketch as it was progressing.

First here's the slideshow, then I'll tell you how I got it!  I personally think it looks best in HD format on Facebook.  Apologies to those who saw this post early and got the wrong size version!

Those who know me well will realise I'm writing down the instructions of how to do it next time otherwise I'll try to do it again and won't be able to remember a thing about what I did.

How to produce a slideshow for your blog

I saved my six photos as 1000 pixels wide @72 dpi figuring that should be about right for Facebook!

Then came the search for the bit of software which would put them together in a slideshow which I could put on this blog.

It didn't start well!

First I reviewed both PS Elements 11 and iMovie to see if either would allow me to produce a short slideshow from six slides and concluded this wasn't going to be easy - and I couldn't see how it was possible!

Next I tried out searching for "how to" and came up with virtually nothing other than dodgy chaps who wanted me to try their app.  I'm "app averse" unless it has a good reputation and lots of people have already adopted it so that closed off that avenue.

Finally I took a look at iPhoto - and it transpired this has a "create a slideshow" option.

Here's what you have to do to create a slideshow of an art process or paintings or whatever you want it to be about

  1. Identify the photos you want to use.
  2. rename them with the titles you want to use as captions if you want captions to show
    • If you review the slideshow you'll see I gave mine a narrative description of the stage of the sketch eg add coloured pencils
  3. Import photos to iPhoto and identify their location
  4. You need to add any information to the image at this stage
    • click the little "i" bottom right hand corner of the photo to add information
    • locate photo on a map to show where it was taken if appropriate
    • provide a description of what is happening in photo if appropriate
    • provide a title for the photo/slide
    • repeat for each photo in the slideshow if you want there to be a commentary on what's happening
  5. Click the + sign at the bottom left of the screen in iPhoto
  6. Choose slideshow from the drop down menu
  7. Save the slideshow with a title - these are the words which will appear on the first image as the title for the slideshow.  There's no scope to add copyright info so I started the title with the copyright symbol and my name
  8. Review how long each slide should appear for -  I used 7 seconds
  9. Review themes, music and the rest of settings - all fairly self-explanatory
  10. Bottom right of screen - click Export and this exports the slideshow to a move format which was Quicktime in this instance.
  11. Choose the size based on where the movie will be viewed.  I chose 960 x 540 pixels which gave 30fps and an 8.8MB filesize
  12. Upload to Facebook and YouTube and/or video host of your choice and make sure you've chosen the right size file!

That's about it.  I bet I've forgotten something! ;)

Let me know what you think about the video.

Please also share with us how you create slideshows as videos.


  1. Very nice, thanks for posting! Video looks good! This is great....I definitely want to use this to document my work in progress paintings. Thanks again for documenting the steps!

  2. I'm trying to make a sequence of the drawings that I have been making each day ( so I was very interested in how you made yours. I'm guessing from your instructions that you're using a Mac, whereas I have only got an iphone and just can't work out how to save my slides. Someone has recommended moviemaker so I'll have to try that instead I think.

    (I have enjoyed reading your blog so much, thanks)


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